For gamers, bad news: Bloodborne is delayed on PC and PS5

The date has been set in the midst of anticipating long-expected Bloodborne Remaster by both PC as well as PS5 gamers. The well-loved series is expected to come to PS5 and PC in 2025.

As you are aware, Bloodborne, which was made available to PS4 back in the year 2015 has been reported to be being released for PC for a period of time. But no official confirmation has been given. The latest information on Bloodborne Remaster has emerged. The waiting will last for a long time.

It will take a while on PS5 and PC.

If you don’t know, Bloodborne, signed by FromSoftware which is where the majority of people encounter their Elden Ring or Dark Souls series, is among the most popular instances of the genre soulsborne. This is because, before Elden Ring, this genre has attracted more players than before. In this regard it is possible to claim that all eyes are at this PC as well as the PS5 Remaster version of the game.

In a brand new leak on Gaming Leaks, it has been confirmed it has been revealed that Bloodborne Remaster is indeed being developed and will be released in 2025 as the date. This timeframe is logical since it is the 10th anniversary of the game. It is also said it is Nixxes Software is responsible for both the Bloodborne Remaster and the Horizon Zero Dawn Remaster version.

Based on the details shared it is possible to conclude that players have to wait a bit for the Bloodborne Remaster. But, considering that the speculations have been going around for quite a while and we could be expecting an announcement from Sony.

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