New State of Play focused on Final Fantasy XVI Announced

Sony has revealed that it will host an upcoming State of Play presentation focusing on Final Fantasy XVI, the popular single-player action game. The details of the event in our news.

It’s now known which date we’ll mark on our calendars to host the next state of Play. In the announcement made by Sony they stated that a brand new presentation would be accompanied by gameplay footage from Final Fantasy XVI. The live stream that is expected to be at minimum 20 minutes, will start on April 13 at the time of 00:00 CET. The live stream can be viewed via the PlayStation’s Twitch or YouTube channels.

It was revealed in The PS5 release in the year 2020. Final Fantasy XVI is the 16th indie game of the legendary RPG series. In this eagerly anticipated game, we take on the role of Clive Rosfield, the protector of Joshua and the first Shield of Rosaria and the Dominant of the Eikon Phoenix and will enter the world of dark fantasy Valisthea.

The State of Play event will begin the 13th of April at 18:00 CEST

Its State of Play presentation will explore the dark fantasy setting of the game, Eikons and Dominants, the combat system that was featured in the trailers’ first trailers, and much more. It’s not clear at the moment if the presentation will concentrate solely specifically on Final Fantasy XVI or if it will feature other news and announcements. The action-based single-player RPG developed by Square Enix will have an epic story that spans over around 80 hours.

We’ll be seeing an alternate universe of dark fantasy that features action-based combat instead of turn-based battles featuring massive Eikons. Final Fantasy XVI will be launched on PlayStation 5 on June 22 and will be exclusive to the console for six months. This game’s PC version is expected to launch shortly after the exclusivity period has ended.

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