The amount of money raised from the game known as cheater was a topic on the agenda!

The amount of money raised from the space-themed game Star Citizen, which has been developed over the past 10 years but never released an official version, was staggering.

The sum of millions is being spent in the gaming industry. The majority of games that are scheduled to be released in 2023 are being created with staggering budgets. In the back of these games, are large companies like Rockstar Games, Activision and EA. As these companies have proved that they are not able to put any financial restrictions during the development process and they are able to easily earn their revenue from sales figures. Star Citizen, which has been in development for more than 10-years, different from them and is operated through donations. In addition, the number of donations received from the space-themed game was staggering.

Its contributions received to Star Citizen reaches $ 600 million

Star Citizen was first announced in 2012. Cloud Imperium Games’ goal is to create one of the best space exploration games ever made. Because the creator did not have the funds needed for the project of this magnitude He opted to enter the game through donations and accumulated a sum of $ 2.1 million via the Kickstarter campaign initially.

Star Citizen, which has been under development for the past 10 years, is still in Alpha as of 2023, and doesn’t appear to be coming out in the near future. The developer would rather provide players with updates. Finally, Alpha 3.19 was released. It’s important to know it is expected that Alpha 3.20 will also be released by the final year. The amount of donations that were collected during this period was truly astonishing. Cloud Imperium Games received an amount of 600 million dollars of over 4 million supporters up to now.

In addition the general opinion of those who played Star Citizen is that the game is impressive, though it’s not yet at the level it is due to launch. The game is said to feature high-quality graphics and well-thought-out yet intricate game mechanics. There are bugs as well as problems in the game. Naturally, such assertions can raise some questions regarding the game.

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