A New Vehicle Coming to Fortnite

There is a possibility that a brand new minivan will be incorporated into Fortnite's survival games. Fortnite. According to reports, the minibus, known as "Deboot Van", will make sure that competitors are eliminated.

While it’s not talked about as much as it was but there’s been a significant change in the game of survival Fortnite that is popular among players. The leak revealed that a brand new feature is in the works which will significantly alter the game experience.

According to a report put by sources who have a track record of successfully leaking new features into Fortnite, Epic Games continues to develop an additional minivan to Fortnite. The minibuses, which are allegedly referred to as “Deboot Van”, seem to be the scourge of players. According to reports that this Deboot Van could result in you being eliminated immediately from the game.

Here’s is the “Deboot Van” added to Fortnite’s design:

Fortnite players can use vans that are referred to as “Reboot Vans”. Players can resurrect their lost teammates by using this van. The new Deboot Van is believed to operate in the opposite direction. If players are confronted by the Deboot Van, they’ll be able to take down any opponent.

Epic Games did not make any statements regarding the matter. So, we are unable to give any more details about Deboot Van. The questions of whether it will be added either permanently or for a short time during any event, and what it’s going to be used for in the game remain not answered.

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