Unreal Engine 5.1 comes with a video release

We saw an Unreal Engine 5.1 video with features which was released to developers in the last days.

Unreal Engine is one of the most popular graphics engines used in the game world. As you are aware, a lot of games are developed using Unreal Engine 5 and Epic Games is, as always continues to improve this engine’s graphics capabilities and launch new versions. Unreal Engine 5.1 was released this week and is available to developers across the globe. This morning, Unreal Engine presented its latest developments in its graphics engine by releasing the Unreal Engine 5.1 comes with video.

The Unreal Engine 5.1 release includes a variety of new enhancements to improve the efficiency of developers. For instance, Virtual Entities separate metadata from the object data, which allows developers to only sync the data they require with source control software such as Perforce. This results in smaller workspaces as well as faster synchronization for developers who do not need to access all the data of an object.

It also streamlines the process necessary to create a game that is ready for release on DX12 thanks to the new automated Pipeline State Object (PSO) cache that is compatible with DX12. Furthermore, the new HLOD (Hierarchical Level of Detail) support for water processing and flow allows users to build large pools of water within open environments with higher performance and less memory. The video that was released in Version 5.1 will be as follows:

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