The code for blood removal from CS:GO is Clean up blood tracks, but don’t overlook the target!

Looking for a way to remove bullet marks and blood from CS:GO? Here's the solution for eliminating blood using Shift. Here's how to get rid of blood traces out of Counter Strike:

When you’ve missed shots because of blood trails or bullets when playing CS:GO, then you can eliminate the blood trails using this code. With this CS GO blood trace removal code, you will be able to improve your FPS while playing the game as well as remove the confusion caused by bullet and blood trails. Nearly every Counter Strike Global Offensice player must use the blood purge codes below.

CS GO blood delete code

Cleaning blood trace of blood trace cleaning in Counter Strike is done by writing the code for blood removal into the console of the game. CS GO blood removal code is bind “shift” “+speed;r_cleardecals”.

By using this code, you’ll be able to eliminate blood spots on floors and walls. So, you’ll shoot more precisely and increase the FPS of CS Go, since distractions are removed.

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