Ark: Survival Ascended Update Raises Price After Backlash


If you’re a fan that we told the story of the new version of Ark Survival Evolved you over the last few days. Studio Wildcard’s CEO Jeremy Stieglitz, tweeted that the update would be free. However the fact that the DLC wasn’t available in the $50 package has caused players to be very upset.

While Studio Wildcard is expected to slow down after these responses, an exciting move has been made by the studio. The cost of the package comprising Ark 2 and Ark: Survival Ascended content, would be $50. However, the studio is offering the DLC pack in a different manner that will cost $60 cost. The result was an outpouring of responses.

Studio Wildcard states that this project is much more extensive than they had hoped for. In the beginning, when they planned the UE5 update it was planned to move towards the PC to remove the graphics limitations of Switch. Switch Version of the game. However, at present the game’s developer is looking to find a job which can utilize UE5 technology to its fullest. Because of this, it will get updated from top to the bottom.

Naturally, Studio Wildcard offers an explanation of their “free update” statements. They say they do not intend to mislead anyone, Studio Wildcard officials once again insist that their plans have changed since the last time.

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