Sea of Stars will be available on both PS Plus and Game Pass

Sea of Stars, one of the top-rated games of the year has joined the official PS Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass deals.

Sea of Stars, one of the most highly rated titles of 2012 will be available through PS Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass

Sea of Stars is coming to PS Plus and Game Pass

The game, dubbed Sea of Stars, is thought to be one of the best new games to launch this year, and has received critical acclaim as well as high praise. Although Xbox Game Pass adds “day one” games every month It’s not common to find PS Plus Extra to feature day one games. It’s also rare that the identical game is available on each PS Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass on the same day. But in the case of Sea of Stars, that rare event has occurred.

Sea of Stars was offered as a day-one game for both platforms. This makes it a breeze for players to play the game. Since instead of buying Sea of Stars, the game is able to play by PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles with a monthly subscription. According to the reviews, PS Plus Extra and Xbox Game Pass gamers will wish to give Sea of Stars a shot.

Sea of Stars scored 90 points

Sea of Stars has a high score of 90points, according to OpenCritic which is currently gathering reviews. Sea of Stars reviews are generally positive, with a majority praise the game for being an innovative take on traditional JRPG patterns. The constant comparisons between Sea of Stars to Chrono Trigger indicates that those who love this traditional Square Enix JRPG will especially be keen to play the new game with PS Plus Extra or Xbox Game Pass.

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It is important to note that there are PS Plus and Xbox Game Pass versions that don’t contain Sea of Stars. For one hand, on the PS Plus side, both PS Plus Extra and Premium subscribers are able to enjoy Sea of Stars, while Sea of Stars is only available to those who are registered at PS Plus Essential. PS Plus Essential level. Also, while the majority of Xbox Game Pass tiers can include Sea of Stars starting today however, it isn’t included in the forthcoming Xbox Game Pass Core subscription.

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