Ark 2 Postponed

Ark: Survival Evolved's sequel was delayed. The company has also come up with various ideas regarding the original game. Here are the specifics!

It’s the sequel to Ark: Survival Evolved, that connects thousands of players to its sophisticated RPG elements, an entire world filled with dinosaurs and opportunities for development was scheduled to launch in 2023. Studio Wildcard, the developer company Studio Wildcard delayed the game until 2024, claiming it required more time.

However, along with delays, an additional cost was demanded for development of the Unreal Engine 5 development of the game that was to be made available.

Coming to Xbox Game Pass

The players expected Ark: Survival Ascended, originally planned to be an Ark: Survival Evolved development and to be accessible at no cost. However, there were a few decisions from the company which irked players one after the one.

In line with this, Ark: Survival Ascended with it’s Unreal Engine 5 engine, will be available as The second title. The price for the package that includes two games was set at 50 dollars.

It was also confirmed it was announced that Ark: Survival Evolved official servers will removed on August 2023 in order to make way to play Ark: Survival Ascended. According to statements from the company, Ark 2 will also be available on Xbox Game Pass.

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