GTA 6 can break records with its budget

It looks like this will be the most expensive game...

According to a recent claim, GTA 6 is also able to make a name with its budget. Take-Two Interactive appears to have thrown open the doors. Here are the details.

We have heard many claims and leaked news, but GTA 6 remains a mystery to us. Rocksta Games and Take-Two Interactive have not made any official statements about the game.

We have heard many discussions in the past about the city where we would be shooting, whether we would return to Vice City, and which characters we’d manage. We may direct two main characters Jason and Lucia, depending on what happens in the September leak scandal. While Vice City and Malibu Club are returning, the story seems to be set in a brand new area called Port Gellhorn. We will learn more details about the show when it is officially announced.

You may remember that in our recent news, we said that we’d learn more details at the Take-Two Interactive Financial Conference, which is scheduled for this date, and that the game would be announced before the 17th of May 2023. It is now said that the budget of the game could break records.

GTA 6 could be one of the most expensive games with its budget

In a recent video, a Youtube content creator named INTER posted an analysis that he had made. According to leaks in the video wherein the development process and the budget are discussed, the budget for the game that is expected to release in 2024 could be more than one billion dollars. The budget is divided between the game and marketing and distribution. We can expect that the game will be as popular as GTA 5 and last for as long, despite the fact that the majority of the budget will go to marketing.

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