A Giant Chicken Is Coming to PUBG: Battlegrounds!

The 1st of April isn't to be missed...

It is expected that the Battle Royale game, which does not miss the day of April 1 each year, won’t be missing this year, either. In the latest announcement, an enormous chicken will appear within PUBG Battlegrounds. Also, it will introduce a new game mode called Weird Battle Royale. What’s in store for us this time around? The details are available.

PUBG: A Giant Chicken Will Drop In to Battlegrounds

Every year on April 1st every year, the game PUBG BATTLEGROUNDS has a special mode that has a special modification. The adventure we began in the year 2000 with Fantasy Battle Royale in 2020 We got 8-bit in POBG: The Original Battlegrounds in 2021, and in 2022 , we changed to the massive monster mode, Monster Chicken Royale. This year, we’re launching an Awesome Battle Royale mode in LABS which will give players an experience unlike any other.

The game will be available until April 10th. Bizarre Battle Royale will be an adventure mode in which players will be able to use their special abilities to take on huge creatures like zombies or monster chickens. The game is based on “dreams” of the Lone Survivor character this amazing April 1st experience lets players earn OP Coins from players who are unlucky or chickens in order to buy temporary OP items to boost their HP, unique powers such as invulnerability, being able to identify enemies in the map and many more. Similar to standard Battle Royale, the last team that is left standing wins. players who are the best three at finish of the game get extra OP Coins for future games.

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