Hogwarts Legacy now has a spider-scare mode.

This update is for those who are afraid of spiders in Hogwarts Legacy. The new game mode turns spiders into comical characters.

When creating new games, game developers should consider the different issues that players face. It is not desirable that bright lights trigger epileptic seizures or make those who have a spider phobia nervous. Hogwarts Legacy knows this.

Hogwarts legacy: No spiders to fear

With its latest update, Hogwarts, one of this year’s most successful games, is bringing players who fear spiders to the forefront. Arachnophobia Mode transforms spider characters into images that only contain heads and skates

The mod can be activated from the Accessibility Menu to change the spiders’ images in either a moving or dead state. The sound effects have also been reduced. This mode is only applicable to static spider images displayed as pictures within the frame.

Hogwarts Legacy was not the first game to be criticized for its sensitive content. In the past, players were not able to see spider characters in Grounded or deep sea areas in Horizon Forbidden West. Hogwarts Legacy will also be available on Xbox One and PS4 this week.

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