Record-breaking game record! The most sought-after CS:GO weapon goes for $400,000

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has increased in popularity, especially following Valve revealed Counter-Strike 2. In this way weapons skins went viral and the record was broken.

A significant CS:GO skin trader revealed that a single weapon was sold for record prices of more than $400,000. Following the time that Valve made the announcement of Counter-Strike 2 and announced that all weapon skins that are currently available can be used with this new version there has been speculation of increase in the cost of nearly all skins in the game. It is widely known that the weapon skin which retails for around four hundred thousand dollars is extremely scarce.

The most expensive sale of guns in the history of game

The skin market in CS:GO has been an interesting byproduct of the game’s popularity, and the most sought-after skins have been offered for sale at very high prices. The skin for the AK-47 has been deemed to be one of the highest-priced weapons available in CS:GO and maybe even the history of video games. Of course, the skin is the most worn StatTrak Tier 1 Case Hardened AK-47 featuring a Blue Gem pattern. There are also the four Katowice 2014 Titan Holo stickers on the gun, each of which is worth around $60,000. According to report, there’s just 121 skins for these weapons and only 38 Titan Holo stickers.

A gun with minimal wear is in good state. According to our knowledge there is no new version factory of this model isn’t yet available, however it might one day emerge out of its packaging. The most sought-after, valuable skin of the CS:GO skins is that of the Blue Gem Karambit knife, that was, according to reports, the target of an $1.5 million bid in the past (which the owner refused to accept). There are two items included that are being offered by CS:GO the skin trading company zipeL. There is one, the AK-47 that we discussed above and the second is The Blue Gem Karambit, which is in extremely used condition, and is therefore less valuable than the version that is factory-new. ZipeL states that the worth that the trade is more than $500,000, and $400,000 will go to skins for the AK-47 skin.

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There have been numerous claims throughout the years in the past that one or another outfit was sold for huge amounts of money, but there’s not a lot of evidence that this amount of money has been exchanged. However it is important to note that the market for skins in CS:GO is currently subject to intense speculation. The prices are rising because of an update to Counter-Strike 2 update and the skins will be incorporated into the game with improved graphics.

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