Netflix released the news about the movie that is so popular the second installment is coming soon!

Netflix confirmed the sequel to the cult film The Platform with their sharing today. The first pictures...

Netflix is the world’s biggest streaming service that is digital, continues to increase its content collection each day. The company also announced that it is currently developing the sequel called The Platform, which was released to the public in the past few years.

Platform 2 is on the way! Platform 2 is on its way!

First The Platform in the horror and thriller genre debuted in the year 2020. The film, which entices viewers with its topic an impressive editing process, as well as the stars of the film is currently the most watched Spanish film on Netflix.

Netflix revealed its sequel The Platform today. “The story isn’t done just yet… Here’s the first glimpse of The Platform 2: the follow-up to The Platform, the most well-known Spanish film in Netflix history, and directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia.” Netflix said. It was released in the form of. The actor also shared the first images from the film.

We can see the fact that Hovik Keuchkerian and Milena Smit are among the most prominent roles on The Platform 2, which is the director’s chair of Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. We also were able to see Keuchkerian as part of the ensemble actors of the renowned Spanish TV show La Casa de Papel.

The date for release is not yet known for The Platform 2, whose official name is not identified, as all names of the actors as well as the topic the movie will tackle are not yet announced. We can however take a look at the subject matter to The Platform to have an impression of the film.

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The Platform subject

The Platform is situated in a prison that is vertical, called The Hole. There are two persons on each floor of the prison and a platform provides food to the prisoners on these floors daily. The food however, as it originates from the top and ends at from the lowest, food is less as you move down. This is why inmates down suffer constant savagery and struggle with food cravings.

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