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Another PlayStation game available on PC is featured on the table of our reviews. The game we review is Spider-Man: Miles Morales PC review we take a closer review of what's in store for the PC version.

Marvel’s Spider-Man released along with the PC version during the summer months, which was the time we had no games, provided a great chance for non-console gamers as well as those looking to experience a better quality image on PC. Marvel’s Spider-Man is a game that includes the original game as well as DLC packs, and was presented to PC gamers in a fantastic manner, got very positive reviews. It’s now time to play the sequel, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which is the sequel to the game and is one of the PlayStation 5’s first games!

Big Power Little Hero

The story is set after the main one that follows, the Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales tells the story of the brand new Spider-Man who is taught to act as a hero thanks to Peter Parker’s tutelage. I wrote a comprehensive review of this PlayStation version, and I won’t be touching the story in any way. A brief review is enough.

Miles who was born with spider powers following the events of the main game, and was worked with Peter Parker, causes Rhino and other criminals to flee because of one “small” error and it’s up to the two spiders to gather around. Then Peter departs the city for us, saying “Come in, I ran off on vacation” and then goes. Peter appears to be extremely young in a totally new and absurd way, doesn’t forget to add “I have also made mistakes and you must learn from the mistakes you made”.

The story places us in between a fight between a seemingly flawless company boss and Tinkerer’s high-tech group working against Tinkerer. It is inevitable that the fate Spider-Man, “everyone crush the spider first” is also a reality for Miles as we begin a journey for 10 hours fun.

A Bright Adventure

Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales lets us play with Miles who is an extra power level that Peter Parker. Due to Miles’ new abilities which include abilities that are based on bioelectricity, as well as the ability to disappear. These abilities can be used in a variety of ways that can prove useful during combat as well as when moving across.

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As I mentioned in the previous article, while I am not a fan of stealthy capabilities in the absence of a need, but I did use Miles the ability to be invisible to avoid difficulties as the amount of enemy grew. The bioelectric power they have is amazing both functionally and visually. It can be used to raise enemies and smash them into the ground using electricity, to strike them with electricity by sending it over the internet, or to throw yourself up a bit higher when you walk around.

Miles Morales’ puzzles are more straightforward and easier to solve than the tedious and repetitive scenes in The original version of the game. The stealth missions in which we play as the boring characters in the game have completely disappeared. This is an enormous benefit! I’m not imagining 10 hours of gaming and these types of tasks. The pace is almost never lower.

We’re through New York, which is more snowy and retains the Christmas spirit in the same way as during the last time. Beyond the stories there are also side tasks you can complete and collect items from the surroundings and crimes that need to be stopped. With these, you can to unlock new capabilities and outfits. If you’re looking to unlock everything, you can expect to take between 16 and 18 hours. The level of difficulty will obviously affect the time taken.

I played the game using both mouse and keyboard, and DualSense controller and can say it’s an extremely enjoyable experience on both. It could take a while to become accustomed to the position of keys in the keyboard which can affect my ability to play using the remote. DualSense that I’m using by connecting it to an extension cable, provides similar performance to PlayStation 5. The Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Trigger features are on as well as the sounds that emanate from the controller when casting nets are quite nice. If you’re able to try it, do so to make your journey more enjoyable when you cast the net.

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Performance and Visuals

We have seen from earlier titles that PlayStation has done an extremely success in providing exclusive games for PC. So, will Miles Morales continue this success? Definitely!

The game is stunningly beautiful. I have played this game on the PlayStation 4 version and played the PlayStation 5 version as well I’ve seen for myself how much better a previously-designed game will look when it has PC support. Christmas-themed New York is under snow celebrations, festive decorations shimmer as do the light of the enemies playing with Tinkerer’s toys as well as Miles electric power are even more stunning.

I played the game easily with the highest settings on a computer using an RTX 3080 graphics card as well as an AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor with 32GB of RAM. I was able try out the game’s performance at both resolutions of 1080p and 4K. Moving between the 40-60 pixel range with the most extreme settings in 4K resolution I was able to see that the FPS was up 150 when the settings were at the middle.

You’ll grow tired of beating up a man

However, game isn’t solely based on throwing nets and beating players. It is also true that we can encounter holes which we would not normally go into by using a tiny spider bot and also conduct study. There are also interludes that revolve around secret where we are able to control Gene MJ as well as Miles Morales. It’s possible to take a stealth-based approach to Spider-Man at least to a certain level (for instance in base raids you only have the ability to take down enemies of the first wave using stealth). I’ve read on the internet that state that certain players who had the opportunity experience the action from the beginning of PS I don’t really like the interludes however I believe they are able to keep the overall experience fresh by giving players a chance to relax after the tense action.

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However If you’re planning to be 100% in the game The game’s terrible side missions will knock you over the head. I believe it’s the weak point of the game. It is the main flaw which prevents a piece of work which is extremely excellent even in its current state to become an iconic classic. In reality, the process of solving problems regarding the city in Harry’s research stations or I’m not sure the many challenges Taskmaster Screwball Screwball in DLC presents to players are quite entertaining. You can collect them like bags from high school Gene Parker has piled up–or “crying” to put it in a different way–or even the photos of Hardy in the DLC and the audio files that show the Maggia shooter and his therapist. However, because they are filled with delightful story fragments, they’re able to entice players to keep the items.


One of the greatest Spider-Man games ever created that is produced with the highest quality is what makes the difference is finally on our PCs. It’s pretty great in a good way!

Spider-Man: Miles Morales PC Review

Everyone Should Play! - 8.5



Amazingly dynamic free roaming mechanics as well as combat system. A variety of gameplay options with various abilities as well as gadgets and clothing. Fun gatherings and new challenges. Improvements to PC speed along with DualSense assistance for PC.

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