Sons of the Forest – Review

There are promises to keep.

I’ll not forget the confusion and fear I experienced when I first met the cannibal from The Forest, released in the year 2018. A clever creature that appeared to emerge from the bowels of a nightmare and would rather observe me rather than kill me. Even though Sons of the Forest 2, Sons of the Forest isn’t in a position to fully convey the dark and mysterious aspects that the original game had but it does provide very enjoyable enhancements to the gameplay mechanics, storyline and ambiance in one of the top Survival games of all time. While the game has reminded me at times that it’s still being released in early access, with the seemingly incomplete cutscenes and unreliable performance, I can admit that this kind of thing is not as typical than many other games that have this kind of tag.


It is set just a few years after The Forest, Sons of the Forest will test you to make it through and uncover new challenges on a tropical paradise which reminds me of my treks through The Pacific Northwest coast. Four times larger than the first map The map is stunning. The amount and variety of the vegetation gives it a depth and a variety that is rarely seen in these games. Furthermore, some of the plants could be used to make food or as a medicine. The lighting also appears amazing. Clouds that obscure the sun during a scorching day can totally alter what you see on your adventure. This is one of the minor things that games tend to overlook and, therefore, when a game plays it right, it grabs my attention.

The game isn’t particularly optimised at present. While it’s the RTX 3080 I have had no issue delivering 60 FPS or more when using DLSS at the highest quality, I did notice that it sometimes drops to 20 FPS when travelling long distances on the ground. There are times when rocks and trees suddenly appear ahead of your face, which can ruin the experience. In addition I also experienced a lot of noise issues. This was especially true for me in the rain or when a variety of sounds were coming through simultaneously. I’m hoping that most of these problems will be addressed during the early access time because performance is often the most difficult thing to fix during the development of a game.

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The four seasons are included in the game Sons of the Forest to increase the realism and frightfulness of the surroundings. They are characterized by the winter with its snowy conditions, which kills many of the vegetation that can be consumed and demands you to monitor the temperature of your body. It’s certainly a good option to alter the pace however, it is a feeling that you could do more with the effects of weather. For instance, walking with a wet foot in freezing cold isn’t a risky thing even in extreme situations. It’s more of an occasional nervous breakdown. It’s also hilarious that it’s not even possible to cut through frozen water surfaces using C4 explosives. In general I’m able to say that I’m a sucker for the variety in appearance and challenge shifts that changing seasons provide.

Artificial intelligence of the enemy has been improved significantly in the years since The Forest.

Naturally I haven’t talked about cannibals until now. Like in the very first game, here too, cannibals rewrite the lessons we’ve received previously about fighting enemies in video games, and place self-defense in the front instead of the threat of violence. Every interaction with these bone-clad friends began as a heated battle, and the majority of them did not choose to fight, and especially in situations where they’re not alone. If they appear to be confident of them. This makes them less likely to assault you. The AI that fights you has also undergone significant improvements in the time since The Forest, and now has improved stealth, better social dynamics, as well as an improved group-based behavior between adversaries.

enemies can climb trees in order to get away from you, or leap onto you. They are able to sabotage you by hiding behind heaps of fallen leaves. This can be a terrifying encounter, particularly if go out at night and you can hear their voices in the distance, but you don’t know exactly where they are. It is up for you to find additional interesting interactions you may enjoy with your friends However, I will admit that every time I thought that they would not be able to amaze me, they kept me guessing.

In the middle of the island

As you progress further into the island, cannibals are the last thing to be concerned about. This is because Sons of the Forest has larger, more terrifying giant mutants than its predecessor…and they’re more dangerous. I enjoyed that it leans toward the combat aspect of the game since it’s being used effectively to create tension rather than producing cheap excitement.

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Every battle against a powerful opponent or a large number of foes becomes an intricate resource management game that is reminiscent of the best from Resident Evil or The Last of Us. The ranged weapons will help you stay out of danger but ammo is difficult to locate. In combat, there’s no way you’ll be able to beat the other players without taking small amounts of damage which eats up your armor pieces that are breakable and healing equipment. Additionally, if you don’t have a power source to power your light source, then you’re better than dead. I’d rather be running out of food and ammo more than run out of my source of light when walking in the cave’s depths.

You’ll never be able to tell which direction Sons of the Forest will lead you.

Then I began to think long and deeply about the potential risks and benefits of each strategy. Are the arrows I shoot worth the money I’ll earn from the cannibal camp? If I take on that monster with an axe to conceal ammo and then take it down, will the money I’ll have to buy will be worthwhile? The fights themselves are precise and fluid as well as throughout the game. I’ve never experienced an instance where I was wasting my efforts with a wrong target box or a slow-moving animation.

What is the reason we are here?

If you’ve been playing The Forest and know that certain episodes are more than just a walk through the woods I’m able to say that you can’t know the direction Sons of the Forest will be before the end screen appears. Anyone who hasn’t played the game before should take a moment to hold on. The dark tale begins with the search for a billionaire who has disappeared into the wilderness and their family is extended with supernatural elements added in the final moments of the first game and while I can’t claim to have always been awed by this new twist, it’s evident that the tale never ever gets boring.

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The game’s conclusion is both awe-inspiring and somewhat unprofessional for the moment. I’m not going into details about the end here however it is one of the areas where I felt that the game was still in early access, as it was lacking dialogue and was plagued by bugs in the characters’ interactions. In actual I suggest not finish this game until you have made sure that the conclusion of the story is completed. There are plenty of activities to be done during the game, until you are there.

One of the things you could create is your ideal castle that is not a threat to cannibals. With the completely modular construction system, you can put every building component in according to your preferences including windows and support beams. Out of the 25 hours I’ve played playing in the game, I’ve sat for about five to six hours thinking about how to set my base. I’ve only seen a small amount of what I was able to accomplish. There’s no limit to what you could accomplish, particularly in multiplayer mode, if you are able to form a team consisting of eight players. In addition, the game runs quite well with regard to this, and I’ve never encountered any issues with servers in the past.



Sons of the Forest - Review

Good! - 8



Sons of the Forest does exactly what its predecessor did and a bit better. When I consider how much I loved this game I would highly recommend this excellent sequel. Exploring an island enormous, stunning and deadly in the midst of changing seasons is a treat in and of itself. The new mechanics for building bases can make me play for hours with no regard to the story. In addition to this it's quite good to mix more clever and unsettling behavior of enemies with well-crafted combat mechanics. Even though the game is in its early access stage however, it's already excellent condition. After the game's "impressive, but sadly problematic conclusion was improved upon and 'generally optimised' completed, Sons of the Forest may turn out to be a fantastic game.

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