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What can robots that service you be? For the Life of Delta review, we follow Delta as it tries to save a life and is on the way.

In in the Life of Delta review article I’ve been playing games developed by independent developers with greater enthusiasm recently. When the first independent productions were questioned, the majority of the games released did not excite me. It seems that the majority of the games that were presented to us as independent games were placed before our eyes using 2D, Pixel Art graphics and we were told to play. Naturally, I’m not declaring this to criticize the game, but I’ve learned quite late that this is something I don’t like.

Life of Delta review / PC

Life of Delta is one of these indie games. It was developed by Airo Games and published by Daedalic Entertainment. It has been one of the biggest companies that distribute games by indie creators over the past couple of years. Life of Delta is also distributed by the same company.

The movie, which falls part of the Point and Click genre, concerns robots that take over nearly all humankind, which was destroyed following war. Great War. The last survivors of the war have turned into rotting humanoid lizards, service robots, and other robots resulted from a long nuclear aftermath.


The story starts here. When a small robot is about to break down within acidic fluid, an man named Joe helps him out and places him under his care. However, this act comes with an associated cost and, one day the other robots to drag the man from his hideout and bring him for his crimes in the big city. In the midst of his own, Delta does not forget the good work done to him and decides to save his friend.

But, the city he has to traverse out can be extremely hazardous for robots of this size and shape. There are many obstacles that he must over. For instance, there is the massive hazardous desert. While he requires help from other robots in order to reach the desert, he needs to first resolve their issues and get them all functioning as well.

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The primary mechanisms that make up Life of Delta are based on solving puzzles and then putting all the elements together. For instance, to travel across into the desert area, we must to pilot the required aircraft and, for this, we’re parts missing that we need to gather and circuits that must be fixed. As we try to gather all the pieces We also encounter several new robots. Although not all of these robots are helpful, our friendly language and ability to think on our feet let us go on our own way, while also meeting their requirements.

A unique kind of riddle structure is developed for every problem that has to be resolved. In somecases, we can complete the circuits and let the current to flow and in other, we help an chemist treat an animal suffering from desertification using the substances in his hands.

The plot evolves into interconnected. To solve the issue of a robot and get the piece we want we will require the assistance of another robot. However, we might require a connection with someone else who we believed we had left previously. In essence, by maintaining this process, we’re making the robot ecosystem operational once more.


It was developed using developed using Unity gaming engine Life of Delta is highly saturated in terms of graphics and performs extremely well on even the most basic system. Even though the components of the system I tested somewhat old but I was able to move forward without any issues. I didn’t require it, however if you would like to, you can tweak the graphics settings in the game by going to the menu.

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While our game features extremely colourful graphics in a planet that has been wiped out, it never smiled.


Robots speak an own dialect. While they talk you can read their messages in English in front of them. Although these conversations provide crucial information, there may be unneeded conversations. It’s crucial to stay on top however, as it’s through the conversations you have with people that you will discover that missing element of the puzzle or what’s the purpose of your next assignment. In addition the music that plays at the bottom of the screen allows you to get into the scene.


Puzzles that constitute the primary basis that form the basis of the game. However, there is one major issue that is present when you are faced with a variety of puzzles, you may not know how to proceed. A circuit is in your face and you glance at it and it stares at you. It is unclear what you must do to complete a circuit , or the problem is with a component. Though some puzzles come with some brief explanations, often all you need simply click different areas of the screen to determine the pieces that are moving, or you can take action based on the movement. It is possible for you to miss a tiny piece and can be quite challenging.

It will be helpful to move forward when you think about what’s essential in a circuit with the knowledge you have. For instance, a processor requires a cooling device to function. If you’re persistent and determination, you’ll be able to be able to solve the problem.

While there isn’t a boss at the conclusion of the levels, you’ll encounter the most difficult puzzle which will be placed in its place. It would be an untruth when I say it took me an hour to finish one of them. While there are some tips that can be helpful, they are not simple to comprehend and implement these.

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Another point to be aware of is that if you need to alter settings in the game, return in the menu, and begin from the previous save point you made when you set your changes. When you solve a problem “Is there a key combination I don’t know?” I then returned into the menu. I was a bit anxious as I realized that once I clicked the “Continue” button after gaining control, I was returned to the previous save point and lost all steps between. However, as it took me a short time to complete the puzzles, I completed them within a short period of time and then continued my journey. When I have to access the menu I first save.


While we wait, I would suggest the game to parents who are able to rest at ease. It doesn’t contain blood or gore-like elements. It allows players to use their brains and think about solutions. It also provides a great insight about the research that’s often a part of adventure games.

The game was made available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Switch at a cost at 19.99 USD.




Life of Delta - Review

Good! - 8.2



If I said I enjoyed Life of Delta for 16 hours without interruption following the installation of it, I believe I could easily have described how it captivated me. I'm unable to give you precise details about the duration that the game will last, however even if your experience is of the style, you can be confident that it'll at the very least provide greater than twenty hours play.

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