Quake II Enhanced Edition – Review

The '90s-Style Strogg Massacre

The first Quake 2 was among games that made an enormous impression on me from my PS1 time period (Yes I played it on PS1 but instead of PC). Along with having completed the Campaign several times my cousin and I were able to play deathmatches on split screens for many hours. We had lots of time. I’ve probably been listening to the metal music from Sonic Mayhem for 20 years without exaggeration. This is why I was extremely content when the game’s enhanced version announcement was made.

While Eser has some questions regarding the console version due the speed at which the game plays but it is widely known that the distinction between console games and PC games isn’t as apparent as it was and some console games are catching up with games on PC versions. This is why I am of the opinion that there is no significant difference between PC games and the console ones aside from the keyboard and mouse control.

Quake 2 Quake 2 Enhanced Edition starts off with the demo with fresh graphics that are in line with the style of the game’s visuals however, they are it’s not always AAA game play (the same is true for the briefing videos for each chapter). After the invasion by the Stroggs on the world We take the war to their world and discover ourselves fighting on this planet against the whole Strogg army while the ship we are on is destroyed.

As is to be expected I don’t believe it is necessary to state that the graphics of the game are made up. Resolution of characters and the environment models has been boosted and lighting has been improved to ensure that the originality of the game remains intact. Also, we have a game which will not be capable of competing with the latest games, but it will not make a splash on the latest LCD televisions. Fortunately, the iconic music from the game was incorporated into the game with no licensing issues. For reasons unknown the volume of music in the game is very low. In order to listen to it as a real man, you must reduce the surround sound and then root the music until the very end.

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Q2 Enhanced comes with several improvements to the gameplay to make life simpler. Pressing R1 will allow you can access the weapon wheel and quickly change between weapons. Given that time is slowing at the moment it’s a huge benefit for console gamers like me, but not so much specifically for PC players. If you’d like to, you can assign your preferred weapons to the buttons that switch them with just only a single button. In addition, thanks to the motion sensor in the joypad on the PS4 you can see beyond the trenches by moving your gun across the screen however I had to switch this option off after a few minutes due to it causing motion sickness in me.

Another significant change is that Things like Quad Damage are not used in a way that automatically when they are purchased. Instead, you can keep them in an inventory and then use the items whenever you like similar to the weapons system. Although this can make life much easier, it’s an area that is open to exploits. Since, for instance, I played with to use the Invincibility as well as the quad Damages I saved after the game. For instance I defeated the final boss, without having to leave my spot using the rocket horse. I liked the addition of a compasses that show your next task to the game to be very beneficial due to the mysterious maps of old FPSs. As you may have guessed, the we are getting older, and unfortunately, we’re less patient than we were in the past.

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In terms of additional features for the extras, the Enhanced Edition includes The Reckoning and Ground Zeroes expansion packs, along with The Nintendo 64 version of the game. I’d especially like to stress this: there is no difference between the two versions. N64 game is totally different game. I would like to hug the team that brought this game to life with the various versions and packages. The most important aspect will be the Call of the Machine additional mission pack that was specifically created to work with this particular version. It is a bridge between the first and second game This mission is great for players in Q2 who are eager for new game content. Alongside these bonus features, there are a lot of other bonus features that provide insight into the process of development for the game, like the design files, enemy files and weapon libraries.

After I completed the game a couple of years after, I realized it was actually in the forefront of its time, and a traditional Quake 2. In contrast to today’s FPS consisting of lane battles, every conflict is meticulously planned every single one. The pace never stops because different kinds of enemies are fighting from various directions and in new places. Different kinds of enemies that need different tactics, every weapon does something unique There are a lot of hidden rooms and objects waiting to be found The game simply flows.

Of course, as the game is from the 90s, some of its gameplay mechanics are different from modern FPS. For instance, because there’s no ADS (Aim Down Sight or Sight Angle) that is a standard feature of FPSs in the modern era, you can use weapons at the chest. I’m not sure if the team decided to include this feature specifically to keep the originality of this game. In the same way, the health system employs traditional first aid programs that require memorization when enemies appear from behind surprising walls, even though there’s no automatic checkpoint system other than for the transition between sections. Personally, I don’t think it’s appropriate to judge a game from 1997 on these grounds, but it’s clear that these differences will deter those who grew up playing the latest FPS.

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To summarize, Quake 2 – Enhanced Edition has refined an already fantastic game, without losing its uniqueness. It is safe to say that This game is actually what we call the “Definitive” version of the game. Even though I’ve played several times but I enjoyed it with the same enthusiasm. Because of the aging and nature of this game a few of the negatives might not be appealing to current players, however for those who want to truly be able to enjoy the game, it’s essential to play by imagining the game from the time. It’s a famous head where you executed an Strogg killing in a blaze of speed, when gas metal music was on the radio.


Everyone Should Play! - 8



An already great game is perfected for modern systems. With its improvements, content and extras, it has been a work that has been worked on and deserves respect. This is the “Definitive” version of the game for sure!

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