Naughty Dog apologizes to PC Gamers

Optimization problems plagued them.

Games designed specifically made for PlayStation as part of Sony’s recent years have begun to make their way to PC slowly. In the case of The Last of Us Part 1 is among the most intriguing games played by PC gamers, was released this week. It was however heavily critiqued for optimization issues and bugs.

Players, who were continuously having to deal with crashes, texture errors and loading issues during the beginning of the game were able to bury in the bottom from the bottom. The developer Naughty Dog has since made a formal apology. Naughty Dog apologized to players.

“We Are Working To Fix Errors”

The reality of it was the PC version of The Last of Us, one of the most intense games on PlayStation was released with serious problems despite the delay, quickly became a joke in the world of online. The actors were particularly fond of Joel’s character design which appears to be from 2005.

After the initial day update The issues are not solved. A majority of gamers are experiencing issues that significantly impact the fun of the game which include crashes and issues with optimization.

The company behind the development of Naughty Dog, which posted details about the changes earlier in the day, apologized to players. In a statement, the company stated that they are working hard on the update The company also promised that the issues will be resolved by the time a major update is released the week following.


Naughty Dog’s comments are as they are:

“The Last of Us Part I PC gamers: We’re aware that there are some players who don’t get the Naughty Dog experience you’ve come to expect from. The team behind the game is working to make sure it’s at the standard of quality you’ve come to expect and deserve, and also to fix issues that are hindering some players from playing the game.

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A solution for The Last of Us Part I on PC will be available on Tuesday. It will address motion jitter that is controlled by the mouse as well as some crashes and much more.

A larger patch with more fix will also be made available throughout the week.

We also advise gamers to ensure you’re running the most current Nvidia, AMD, and Intel graphics drivers.

Our team of dedicated collaborators from Iron Galaxy will continue to examine and resolve problems to ensure that you get the best The Last of Us Part I experience that you’ve come to anticipate.”

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