Apex Legends’ New Game Mode Introduced

Are you up to enjoying DM for a brief period?

Respawn has officially announced Apex Legends the new event as well as new content. The event, dubbed”the Veiled Collection Event is only available to players of Apex Legends: Revelry. The players will be able to experience the brand new TDM Unshielded Deadeye mode throughout it, and runs from April 25 until May 9.

TDM The Unshielded Deadeye mode is an intense mode that you see from the name. This mode is an eerily similar structure to a deathmatch that allows the player who has reached fifty kills is declared the winner. In this mode, players will not be allowed to wear helmets or shields. This will boost the intensity of the game.

The new mode will allow players will have the opportunity to get 24 brand new cosmetics. Some of the cosmetics are available at the time of event, are Legendary cosmetics only available for Wattson, Rampart and Gibraltar. When you earn points throughout the course of your participation, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of benefits.

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