Samsung to surpass TSMC within five years

TSCM is the largest semiconductor producer in the world. It holds a significant portion of the global market. Samsung, however, aims at surpassing TSMC within the next five-years.

The semiconductor industry is now more important and bigger than ever. Companies that make the chips for electronic products are trying to increase their share of the pie. Samsung, which is currently competing with TSCM (the world’s biggest semiconductor manufacturer), has revealed its vision for the near future.

Kye Hyun Kyung is the head of Samsung Device Solutions Division. He acknowledged that Samsung Semiconductor lags behind its rival TSMC. Samsung’s 4nm is approximately two years behind TSMC, and its 3nm is approximately one year behind. The chairman explained that Samsung has a competitive advantage, and can overtake TSMC within five years.

A GAA-based early step could help close the gap

Samsung’s plan to implement Gate All Around (GAA), starting with 3nm casting, is the reason for the idea that it could surpass TSMC within five years. Samsung is confident that it can catch up to its Taiwanese competitor because TSMC won’t use GAA until it reaches production of 2nm. GAA is a technology that allows Samsung to make chips that are smaller (45%), and use less energy (50%), compared to the processes used by TSMC. Kye Hyun Kyung said that customers have also responded positively to Samsung’s GAA 3nm process.

Kye Hyun Kyung, a Samsung executive, believes that Samsung’s memory semiconductors will become more important for the development of AI servers. He also expects them to be a bigger market than NVIDIA graphics cards. According to the CEO, Samsung is “confident that memory semiconductor-centric supercomputers can emerge by 2028.”

Recent reports claim that Samsung’s 4nm efficiency has been improved to the point it can win two major customers, AMD and Google. According to reports, the Korean tech giant is reportedly going to manufacture Google’s Tensor 3 processor on a 3rd-generation 4nm node. For now, it is not clear which AMD products will be produced in Samsung’s 4nm process node.

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