Elden Ring update 1.09.1 is available

The Elden Ring update 1.09.1, the bugs in the game were eliminated and some tweaks are made with respect to ray tracer features.

A new update was made available in the game Elden Ring, which was launched last year and won many awards, including award for the best game. In the release of Elden Ring update 1.09.1, certain changes were made along with some tweaks to the ray tracing feature as well as bugs that the game has.

Elden Ring update 1.09.1 released

A brand-new Elden Ring update that was released through Bandai Namco and FromSoftware is now available for download on Steam. The patch note states that “bug fixes, balance adjustments in the game” are included. Additionally, in 1.09 update 1.09 update, some more information was provided regarding the ray-tracing capabilities that the game uses.

The details and notes on patching for the latest update are as follows:

Gameplay is changed and bug fixes are made

  • Corrected a glitch where the effect of boosting attack power of some abilities, Spells, Items, and weapons weren’t being used on Spells or Spells.
  • A bug was fixed in which the Contagious Fury function of Jellyfish Shield would continue to boost attack power after you opened the shield or switch to another weapon.
  • The damage to the balance of Cursed Blood Slice diminished.

About Ray Settings for Tracing

Under certain conditions Ray Tracing can be enabled automatically after the game has been upgraded with version 1.09.

  • When Ray Tracing is unintentionally enabled and is affecting your game play you can disable it in the menu for titles or in the game by setting System/Graphics/Ray Tracing Quality option to Off.
  • If your game does not start properly or becomes unstable when Ray Tracing Quality is set to Low/Medium/High/Maximum, please consider the following options.
  • Check that your graphics card drivers have been updated to the most recent version.
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How many ends do Elden Ring have?

As an experience, we can affirm the Elden Ring, which is available to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X is one of the top games of the last few years. Additionally to that, the highly-anticipated Elden Ring expansion packs were revealed in February.

There aren’t many information about the expansion pack called Shadow of the Erdtree yet. Also we don’t know if the expansion is shaped in line with the different endings that are available within the core game, or if it will happen earlier in the game.

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