Intel 14th-generation processors are parked at the bottom of the pile!

The new report suggests that new details regarding Raptor Lake Refresh has been revealed. According to the report, Intel will continue the 13th generation processors.

In the spotlight with its new technology processors of the next generation, Intel introduced its thirteenth generation Raptor Lake processors last October. Intel, which was able to earn praise from its users, is now able to have a response to rivals prior to it launches its 14th generation. According to reports that surfaced the moment, Intel will update its desktop processors to new models of the Core Raptor Lake Refresh series.

Intel will keep the 13th-generation processor model

As is well-known, Intel is currently working with Intel on Raptor Lake Refresh for desktop computers. The report that resulted from it certain scenarios become apparent. As per the article Intel’s forthcoming 14th-generation Core processor family is identified as “MTL/Meteor Lake”. This indicates the 14th-generation processors are going to build in Meteor Lake Hardware support.

The information we shared in the last few days gave us information about the Raptor Lakes-S Refresh. So, this processor series, due to be available prior to fourteenth-generation Raptor Lake support, will be named similarly to Mobile series. This information suggests that we might see Core i9-13950K, or similar names.

Based on the information provided in the 700 series, the current 700 series will continue to be in operation as it is. This suggests that Intel will be introducing an update for the LGA1700 platform. Although Intel Raptor Lake Refresh is expected to be launched during the 2nd quarter 2023 it has been confirmed it is expected that Meteor Lake processors will appear in the near future.

In addition however, it is believed it is possible to have a good chance of increasing the speed of the clock over the entire card. But, there isn’t information on the nature of this renewal. It is possible that Intel may come up with new power enhancements such as die grouping as well as die thinning, and greater speed clocks.

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