New patch is released in The Last of Us: The most comprehensive patch we’ve ever had!

Patches that correct bugs have been released that have been causing problems The Last of Us launched on PC But players are still wrestling with the issues. Naughty Dog has released the patch for the game.

The Last of Us Part I was released to the PC in a dramatic way; he was heavily criticized by the players for the optimization issues. The most recent patch addresses a few visual issues and enhances stability overall.

What will The Last of Us PC patch Bring?

Naughty Dog has released the anticipated update of The Last of Us Part 1. In comparison to previous patches, it has a variety of fixes to enhance the performance, graphics, gaming experience , and more.

Based on the notes on the patch, it appears to be the most complete patch to the present. It states the flow of texture has been improved to drastically reduce the use of CPU and it also incorporates some improvements in the loading of shaders, the issue of freezing caused by PSO caching is solved and the patch includes Steam Deck-specific solutions.

Patch installers have reported reduced loading times and slightly better animations on PC as well as Steam Deck. In addition, the use of VRAM is said to be improved and shader compilation has been enhanced.

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