Star Trek: Resurgence Release Date Announced

The brand new Star Trek adventure begins soon!

The date of release to release Star Trek: Resurgence, which will be developed and released via Dramatic Labs, has finally been revealed. We’ve got only a little over a month to go. More information about the game is available here.

When Is Star Trek: Resurgence Coming?

Dramatic Labs, founded by developers who left their former Telltale Games studio, announced the new Star Trek game in 2021. The game, the storytelling aspect will be the predominant theme it will be presented to us. It was delayed until this month, in October. Today the date of release has been revealed. Make a note on your calendar for the 23rd of May 2023.

Resurgence, which we’ll follow within The Star Trek: The Next Generation timeline and will be able to create an arc that revolves around two different civilizations. As of now, Starfleet will be on an expedition to ensure peace.

Through the entire script, the game will tell us about the U.S.S. It switches from Resolution First Officer Jara Rydek as well as Engineer Team member Carter Diaz. Based on the selections we have come to know in Telltale Games games, directing the flow can also be applied for Star Trek: Resurgence.

We’ve all seen how it has been. American studio has been in the past through The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Tales from the Borderlands and Batman. The fate of the characters and creatures will be ours to decide through interactive fiction, Dramatic Labs states that they intend to create an experience that lets us be able to interact in Star Trek’s Star Trek universe like never before, and even play the role of the film.

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Alongside PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, the game will be exclusively available on PC via Epic Games Store. Epic Games Store.

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