Be careful not to peer beneath the skirt of Resident Evil 4

Ashley's surprise Easter egg found in the game brought back into Resident Evil 4 Remake, slightly altered.

People who were part of the initial RE4 production will recall. Ashley was adamant with Leon when anyone attempted to alter the camera angle and look downwards. The similar method with Resident Evil 4 Remake encounter various outcomes.

Ashley Troubles With Perverts

RE4R The game, which came out within the last couple of days, has been an extremely sought-after creations of the past decade by players. Naturally, the older players were thinking of a mystery egg in the very first game. While trying to see Ashley by altering the angle of the camera using Leon her, Ashley was ducking her face, and becoming angry with Leon.

Players, intrigued about a similar scenario they wanted to test how it would react in the new version. But, Ashley doesn’t show any reaction in this new version. But, by cutting down on their lighting levels, they made it impossible for the player.

The difference between the 2023 and 2005 versions in the video below.


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