Cat game Stray transforms into an animated film

The game was created developed by BlueTwelve Studio and directed by an animal, the Cyberpunk Adventure Game Stray will be developed by BlueTwelve Studio and adapted into animated film. According to the announcements made by the company's publisher, Annapurna will be preparing the film.

An actual animated movie is currently being created from Stray the cat-focused adventure game that was developed by BlueTwelve Studio and received with huge acclaim. The original publisher of the game, Annapurna, decided to create an animated feature film of Stray following her debut animated film, Nimona, was a surprising hit on Netflix.

The Stray’s creative team for the animated film is not known However, Robert Baird, president of Annapurna Animation, said the film is in the process of being developed and is expected to be “the best hopepunk movie ever made”.

Stary is now an animated film and there is more to be

Baird describes “hopepunk” as a narrative idea that views optimism as a way of rebellion against oppression. This pretty much explains the emotion for the sport, meaning that Annapurna is on the right path. In addition, it’s been established that Annapurna’s accompanying drone, B-12, will be an integral part of the film. We can conclude that the B-12 and the B-12 will carry the brunt of comedy in the film.

The game’s first version was released last year, and it gave players the ability to control the curious cat in a cyberpunk environment. Stray is praised as providing gamers with an eye-level view of the world. It has also been a huge success across all platforms. In the case of Annapurna, Stray is just one step ahead for the moment.

The animation division of the company has revealed a couple of new movies, and has also announced many more. Ice Age creator Chris Wedge will direct a film titled FOO which is short of Fish Out of Water, and Nimona’s co-director Nick Bruno has signed on to direct an untitled film that is classified as “high-concept” and “Spielbergian.”

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The company has also announced that additional games that fall under its umbrella could receive film treatment. The other titles included on the list of titles by the publisher include the time-cycle action thriller Twelve Minutes which stars Daisy Ridley and James McAvoy as well as the sci-fi action adventure game Outer Wilds and the story-driven mystery Kentucky Route Zero. Actually, any of these could make for an excellent film.

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