God of War: Ragnarok – Review

The cold of the winter got in our bones!


I believe that God of War (2018) was the most appropriate answer to the problem of how to revive the series that had been sunk into obscurity and make the audience enthralled again, more so than they were before. It was like creating a new and more mature beginning, without abandoning the story that preceded it, and using the story as a way to move forward that sparked the new air that the series desperately needed.

There’s only one thing to make the magic happen, and then it’s time to keep it going and set the bar higher. You’ll realize that this isn’t an easy feat also. This is why we’ve been keeping our eyes on the ball since Ragnarok’s initial announcement arrived.

“What happens if it doesn’t work next again?”, “Cory Barlog who directed the previous film, will not be back in the director’s chair”, “They haven’t shown anything in a proper manner all the time, and it’s certainly not yet ready and the announcement of the delay is coming shortly”, “So that it can be played on PS4 also, they created it as DLC to the previous game, and it’s not like an entirely new game” You’ve probably seen these , and many other similar posts. Then, take all of those remarks and toss them into the garbage.

You can be certain that what you think you’ve seen isn’t anything but the actual unexpected events of Ragnarok and the game ahead of us will not have any difficulty in taking the shoes of the game that was launched in the year 2018 and throwing it onto the top of Jotunheim.

The game before was a personal tale at the heart. While it was not a story of an actual family affair it was a journey that two fathers and sons tried to adjust and be able to trust each other without the help of the one they were most fond of and cherished the most. The issue for Atreus who was an infant and was trying to get acceptable to his father who had maintained a distance from him and never was satisfied with anything.

Kratos’s goal was to come closer to him, without passing on his guilt and scars of his history on to the son he had. As they scattered the remains of Faye’s death from the highest point of Jotunheim the two of them put their problems behind them and strengthened the bonds of family they couldn’t develop for a long time.

While they strengthened the bonds of their families as they interacted with gods from the northern lands brought another set of difficulties. In the aftermath of killing Baldur among the Aesir gods in the beginning of their quest, Freya, whom they were friends with was avenging her friend and went after them.

Although this was a major issue in and of itself but it was not the only reason that Baldur’s death triggered Fimbulvetr that was to last for three winters, before turning into Ragnarok which was the end of gods according to the ancient predictions.

In the final days of the winter black, Ragnarok is making a rapid and thrilling start. As Kratos is trapped in a cave that is dark and secluded amid sweet memories of his earlier days (and hers), Atreus brings the deer he hunted, to the cave and dumps in the cavern, exploding. This alone is proof of how far Atreus was taught to hunt in our last game, has made far. Before Kratos is able to stand up and shout “Stop and I’ll take the deer” Atreus reloads and throws him into the sled. It’s like in the snap of an eye our brat from yesterday is the size of a lion!

I’m sure you breathed deeply during this sequence, as following that, the game won’t give you the chance to breathe for a long period of time. Then father and son are confronted in the face by Freya before they reach the home (you might recall this sequence from the trailers, and from the front cover the issue) After they have barely get away from her and her gang, they face another set of troubles, and then… the doorbell goes off with a thunderous roar.

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Naturally, know what this means. Check out the Thor as well as Kratos fight that they show in the video, and most of the scenes in their promotional videos generally occur in the span of one hour. In actual fact, Santa Monica has kept his cards a secret, so during the majority of the game, you don’t have an clue what’s coming up and you’re thinking, “Well, now what do I know? Let me play longer to learn more” you are entangled in the excitement of the game – provided you’ve managed to avoid spoilers that were sweeping the web.

I was able to travel all over all of the 9 Realms…

The team could not complete Thor by telling the story in their previous games. If you’re a fan of Mimir’s tales clearly showed what the serial killer was a monster was, an impatient and drunkard, yet also a terrifyingly dangerous god.

As you might imagine, our fight with Thor was not brought to fruition in the initial hour of the match; rather it draws you into the game, leaving you with an adrenaline rush as well as “continuing”. The good news is that it actually does happen not, as there is no way that Thor or Odin are “Boss Let’s get it beat” characters, as you may believe and imagine. In fact, they are complex multi-layered, highly complex with well-written characters.

I’m not going to go into detail or ruin the flavor but you’ll encounter both (and many more) numerous times during the game and you will see many delicious scenes you never expected from this side. At this point, that’s all I have to say.

Before you go through this portion the following should be noted that in Thor war Thor’s “Show me the true God of War!” He has a name for Kratos. To fully realize your potential, you’ll have to fight a bit in Ragnarok as the frigidity of Fimbulvetr destroys all equipment, weapons , and spells that you gather, which means we must begin from scratch in a sense.

However, this does not suggest that Kratos or Atreus are defenseless when they first enter the game. Even though their abilities have diminished over time, the Leviathan Ax and Chaos Blades are weapons that have unbeatable destructiveness. At first, they will see your work right. In no time they’re you’ll find that the Huldra brothers will be embracing you and throwing hundreds of weapons and armor ahead of you.

In the present, there is a change made to the system of talent, that I loved. In essence, every skill you are using will have levels that change depending on how you use it. They are referred to as Bronze-Silver-Gold. Once you have reached the “Gold” stage of an ability, you are able to select a few mods to the ability.

For example, you can add a little more damage and a boost in stun rate, or a defense that provides you with protection during the move. After you have opened the doors to exchange experience points, you are able to instantly modify any of three options you wish to use. This is not just a way to push you to develop new skills as well as improves your game play.

Apart from the techniques I’d never tried before, in order to achieve the gold level and then to continue using these moves frequently when I was at the gold rank, thinking, “This move is actually working well you know”. On the other side, you must also use to use these moves at the maximum particularly when playing at high difficulty, since artificial intelligence is not a mercy. When you are playing on high difficulty your opponents will become more brutal, uncompromising and devastating. (Brok might blush if he read my words to those dark elves)

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It is evident, even though the gameplay is quite similar to the previous game particularly at the beginning, it has improved, and much more polished. I’m aware that this may be viewed negatively by certain players. When you look back was the first God of Wars like that? Kratos certainly was able to use new weapons throughout the game, but his primary attack arsenal was essentially the same.

The most important thing in this game is that it provides you with a new perspective from a different perspective. One of the biggest criticisms features of the game that was released in 2018 was the range of enemies was very limited, and we had to contend with the same heliwalkers and draugrs every single day. This time around, Santa Monica gave diversity from here. Each place we visit is awash with various adversaries.

At beginning, Vanaheim is an environment filled with primordial forces and werewolves for instance; the vegetation has caught fire but without looking into our eyes. After that, when Asgard began to draw our attention it is often observed Odin’s army, Einheri was descending into the surroundings with bifrost.

Then, a totally distinct region of Vanaheim opens. Where are you looking for creatures that use Seidr magic which includes white and dark elves? Sir? Could it be more of a boss battle? There’s a possibility, shouldn’t it be? Let’s use the same case that there are straight dragon hunts that are happening in Vanaheim.

There are enough dragons to be killed with the Ax (or sword if you like) to earn the title “Dragonslayer” in every other game. The boss battles do not just focus on dragons. They’ve also added many thrilling and epic boss fights generally.

Although certain boss fights (especially dragons that fly, for instance) are a bit different in character than the troll wars from the first game, however, the amount of fights that are truly unique, creative and make you feel adrenaline-filled isn’t less. I’d like to provide an instance, but I’d prefer to not speak so as to not impede players’ enjoyment. You’ll know what I’m speaking about once you’ve seen it.

If the horn passes through the ears…

Kratos is a master of many talents. But we should not undervalue Atreus right now. The boy has improved considerably since he first began the journey three years ago. Trust me when I say that I try to get in the tiniest of details to not hinder you from enjoying the experience however, it’s impossible to state this way: In Ragnarok we finally get the control of the boy.

This isn’t something that we can do continuously or even infrequently, the story is told from Atreus’s perspective at specific points (yes the one-shot camera will be utilized and these changes are done with aplomb) and we are able to look at the Yggdrasil’s trees through the eyes of the boy.

At this moment, I’m aware that many of you dream of the Last of Us – Part II. Don’t fret even though we’re controlling Atreus does not mean that we’re pushing Kratos away. The controls change between these two in accordance with the level at which you’re playing while the main goal of the game remains our huge Spartan. This is why the instances of Atreus were more fun and distinct to me.

Because Kratos is a nomad warrior with many years in experience, the actions shows this. However, Atreus has developed a game that is based more on bows, avoids the enemies with more agile movements when he must engage in close combat and relies on stuns to make his attacks. This is also helping the speed of the game and, once you get used to the game, it keeps you alert regarding gameplay and story.

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Naturally it is true that this time, additional questions are raised The most important one is: If Atreus sets out on his own adventures then is Kratos left to himself? Yes, there is any other way to go? The other characters are joining Atreus as well as Kratos. As an example, we observe our favorite dwarfs Brok and Sindri in action So our square key won’t remain empty, either. There are also several surprises between… In any case you can find it right now 🙂

This is the first time Santa Monica has a wide range of characters. They have thrown an ounce of character at us. It’s an excellent character improvement to witness Kratos as a part of this group and beginning to trust other people when he was isolated and distrusting everyone.

Although we’re still hanging out together with Atreus, Kratos, and Mimir generally and the war against Asgard is a problem which is way beyond our capabilities and draws together characters from across the realms that are in conflict with Odin.

Out of all the countries we’ve explored I particularly enjoyed the Vanaheim regions, which is why. Beyond just bringing together tons of familiar and new characters, are revealed while we work through important side missions, each of which reveals a new part of the puzzle. or even offer exciting, valuable benefits to discover the map through fun mini-games, and even question marks. It’s much more meaningful and gorgeous than just filling it in with a message that says “Come now, play a game today”.

In fact I could keep discussing and praise Ragnarok for pages. However, I’ll keep it short here. (“Is this a simplified version?”) Many things that I was not expecting since I was given the chance to experience the game in the early stages and I’d like to do similar for you. I’ll stress that the points I’ve mentioned below are just the most visible part of the iceberg that is above the water.

God of War: Ragnarok is definitely not an God of War (2018) “DLC”. Sure, the first game was revolutionary for the series in a variety of ways, but this was because it created the possibility of a new narrative. Ragnarok is, on the contrary side, is the development phase and the conclusion of that story.

This is the reason why it’s best to think of both games together. It blends the intimate and personal story of the game of 2018 with the epic and brutal story of the Greek time period, and comes to an enjoyable conclusion.

What more can we want from a sequel? Elden Ring should start to become apprehensive about the awards that will be handed out this year. We all know what an incredibly powerful killer Kratos is due to…


Ragnarok is the final chapter in the Norse story from God of War quite satisfactorily. Learned lessons from the initial game were properly applied and a legend-making story woven over two games was revealed. If you enjoyed the previous game, you can purchase the game without hesitation and enjoy the game in peace, because it was above him in every aspect.

God of War: Ragnarok Review

Everyone Should Play! - 9.4



Spatial puzzles are just right, surpassing the previous game in every way. Enemy variety and boss battles increased. Music continues to give enthusiasm. The story ends satisfactorily. Side content is not used to keep the player busy, but to add something to the story. The side characters are more involved in the plot. Atreus' gameplay feels different and enjoyable. Once we've filled the armor, we can change its appearance!

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