Dredge – Review

Horror in the Deep

Captain’s logbook. I would never have been to these secluded islands referred to as “Buttonholes”. Yet this is where I am. With the first fog, my old boat went down. What was I expecting? Navigating through the waters of Iliks at night, when fog is akin to inviting death. As night approaches in Iliks the mist falls. Always…

Fortunately the governor of Great Marrow, along with the islanders, saved myself from the debris. Governors even gave me a brand new boat. Of course, there’s an exchange. There is no free lunch here. In order to pay the loan on the vessel, I’ll have to sell the entire fish that I took on Big Ilik Island. For a time, at least. It’s time to put on your work gloves.

Here you go !

Captain’s logbook. The daytime is very serene. If I’m speaking I’ll say calm. I take my boat and head for the sea. When I move, time is sped up; if I stop, it stops. As of now, I’m only equipped with an ordinary fishing rod therefore I’m able to fish in coastal and shallow regions. But my attention is focused at the sea and all the fish there. If I earn sufficient money I will be able to purchase new equipment.

Fishing is a fun mini-game for me. I will throw my fishing rod and simply have to press the correct button at the perfect time. If I’m not right my time for fishing will be longer and it’ll get dark much faster. The fish I capture take up a different spot within my fishing boat similar to Tetris pieces. I’m trying to arrange them in a neat manner. The more fish you catch, there’s more cash… My vessel isn’t big. But I’m sure I can upgrade it at the shipyards located situated on islands. All I need to do is look for shipwrecks, and then gather metal, wood and cloth. Also, there are research pieces. I use them to learn about the latest techniques.

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I record every that I eat in my fishing notebook. To ensure that I know where to determine which fish. It is interesting to note that these fish are also mutations, ugly, terrifying as well as ghostly types. There’s even a bizarre substance that is wriggling on a few of them. What’s going on?

Something Ominous Is Coming Since

Captain’s logbook. It’s night. In the dark the uncanny mist fell once more… The eyes are unable to see. The only light source is the dim light in my vessel. Somebody is whispering. I can’t understand the words spoken within the fog. They’re calling me. It’s driving me insane. I’m losing my mind slowly.

When I lose my sense of sanity, I start to notice things that aren’t there. Eyes with red eyes looking at me in the distance. Huge octopus arms trying bring me down. The blackbirds are chasing my boat. Monster fish leaping out of deep within the waters. Sudden cliffs. I must get away from this. I have to escape the fog! I must dock at the nearest pier. Immediately!

From Sunset to Dawn

Captain’s logbook. I sought refuge in a deteriorated pier and slept through the night. When I got up, there was not a evidence of fog or other nightmarish creatures. Seagulls were flying over the horizon, while dolphins were hopping into the distance. The scenery is so serene… It’s amazing. Do I lose my mind? Did what occurred last night a mere dream? What are these holes on my boat?


The islanders stare at me with curious eyes. “Don’t go to sea at night,” they advise. “Stay out of the fog,” “You’ll destroy us all,” “Sleep when the sun goes down, don’t fish.” It’s true certain of the fish I’m hunting for only appear at night So, what do I do? I’ll have to continue searching.

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I spoke with a collector on Little Ilik Island. He offered to pay a good price for rings, watches, etc. A man approached me to transport the package across the ocean to an island. Someone else wanted me to capture an exotic species of fish in exchange for. I jotted these along with many other things in my side-quests notebook.

The Night Is Falling Like Nightmares

Captain’s logbook. Monsters exist! I have seen them in my own eyes. They’re all over the place. A variety of species. There’s a massive monster-fish that roams the gorges’ narrows. Strange creatures have attacked my vessel within the swamps. The same happens in volcanic regions. Anywhere I go, there is an unknown danger. I need to be alert.

I came across the bearded male in an abandoned house on a deserted island. He was holding a bizarre and terrifying book. He wanted me to locate the ancient objects that are found in the area. “Don’t you want to discover the secret of these seas?” asked. I would have loved to. “Then,” he said, “find these objects. Then I’ll give you a reward.” Then the author opened his book and read something in a frightening language that I could not understand. I felt a tingling. He provided me with a unique energy. to make my boat go faster. “I have other powers to give you,” the bearded man added. “But be careful. The more you utilize it, the more quickly you’ll lose your mental sanity.”

Some Secrets Should Never Be Revealed

The sea serpent! I saw a massive sea snake! It was massive! Attacked my boat! My God Where did I get myself into this situation?

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Beginning of the end

Captain’s… journal. I’m unable to… anymore. In my surroundings… Everywhere you go… With sharp teeth… Eyes red… ineffective. Bearded Man. Mirror Book. Damn book! …I cant believe. This is it again… It’s dark… Mizzen! The mists are coming thick. There’s shadows in the dark. They’re coming!

Dredge - Review

Good! - 8.2



It's a delightful mix. It's a lot of fun to fish in peace in the daytime and attempt to get to the closest port while avoiding the creatures that lurk in the night. The feeling of tension fades quickly and when you have figured out the creatures, you'll be able to effortlessly get rid of the entire area. It's still thrilling to try and catch all types of fish, figure out the mysteries of the islands and find various endings.

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