SpongeBob SquarePants the Cosmic Shake – Review

We take a dive into an underwater adventure that is awe-inspiring with the SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake review.

SOngeBob SquarePants The Cosmic Shake brings Nickelodeon’s beloved character SpongeBob to our screens. In the SpongeBob’s newest adventure, we are attempting to stop the chaos that surrounds Bikini Town and experience the Multiverse story of the SpongeBob universe.

The new adventures that follows SpongeBob and his friend Patrick starts with a experience of a classic SpongeBob cartoon. When they visit The Glove World, the duo meet a mysterious salesperson. After buying the seller’s wish-granting bubbly thing and a few minutes later, our heroes start to help everyone’s wishes around town come to fruition. When they make wishes are fulfilled by making soap balloons and then blow them up into the air. which balloons are shaped of wishes.

Convinced that the object is the property of Neptune as they utilize nearly all these bubbles pair realizes that the item is not to be used in excess. The balloons that contain the wishes collide. Just as we’d hoped, chaos occurs and everyone is sent into the air to some unknown location. Patrick transforms into a balloon that flies since why wouldn’t he.

SpongeBob along with Balloon Patrick set off on a trip into other universes in order to save the town’s inhabitants as they take over the reins of this journey. The story is exactly like an original SpongeBob movie, which can be either good or bad based on your enjoyment of the show. The show also incorporates the theme of multiverse that has become extremely popular in recent times and to the plot.

The significance of the multiverse in this story lies in the fact that it got the opportunity to utilize the every “meme” that has taken the internet by storm for a time. The shows are designed to resemble the well-known SpongeBob characters who are trying to rid themselves of the worlds they dream of. In these shows, the familiar concepts like pirates, the wild west, and halloween are utilized. In every episode, we have the chance to witness the different characters of our favorite. There were areas in which I had lots of fun playingwith, however, I was unable to remember the majority of the plot when I wrote the piece. You’re having great fun, but I’m not going to think I’m a bad person.

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You Can Drop The Pizza Box On The Ground!

SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake is an old-fashioned 3D platformer game that is an adventure. You’ll travel with your character, collecting numerous items, meet the desires of people who surround you, and attempt to uncover the hidden treasures. In addition to a basic attack skill the main character has an attack with range and double jump capability, an air-to-ground strike that is powerful, a floating capability (with pizza boxes) and the ability to roll to dodge attacks.

There’s a complete old style platform adventure game in front of us which is perfectly safe and does not have any unique features. The story that began in the town of SpongeBob will take us to various locations, and using our skills to get over the obstacles we face in the levels. We meet diverse enemies from time moment and end their mission by kicking them with karate and then dropping their heads. Sometimes we must get it bubbling and make it more vulnerable.

The battles in the game aren’t difficult We already have some combat techniques, and the enemy is also attacking us with three or two abilities. It is difficult encountering new enemies first time around However, when you have mastered the game’s strategy, they turn into easy to defeat. Our health is excellent and it’s easy to recharge, too.

The most interesting thing I noticed most was the ability to move with ease as I wanted and with a quick reaction time. Of of course, I don’t play the game as if I’m doing in Dark Souls, but it’s enough to think “what happens if the character can’t follow the commands I typed” should I want to. However, the fights remain identical at the conclusion of the game just like they were in the beginning. Luckily, the game isn’t overly long and it doesn’t always cause fights.

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An entire world full of quests, coins and side missions to collect await players within the games. Because of this that we earn, we can purchase brand new outfits for SpongeBob. If you’ve been watching the show for a long time , you’re likely to see any outfit that you could think of in the game. The costumes do not have extra features, but it would be more appealing to add new features however, all it gives is that “remember the episode, hehehe” feeling.

The main issue in the game is that it’s over-guaranteed. You play with the rules you’ve been using from the beginning up to the conclusion to end the game. There are a few changes for the show, however it’s never a case of “this is brand new”. You can collect jellyfish and coins to purchase costumes, complete missions and have a basic but entertaining SpongeBob adventure. The game could have had additional content such as creating Patrick the second character playable, Bowser Jr. in Bowser’s Fury. Patrick would have done a fantastic job, in the worst-case scenario. It didn’t happen. It’s also a matter of boss fights repeating their own fights.

The Multiverses of the Sponge

SpongeBob SquarePants The Cosmic Shake doesn’t offer visually amazing graphics, but this isn’t the message that was made, after all it’s a game called SpongeBob. The designs of the episode are stunning The environment, character models animations, lighting, scenes all look great. It appears like we are watching an advanced graphic animation. The facial expressions and movements of the characters certainly deserve the praise.

All the characters in the game are from the original voice actors which is a major positive. It’s true that I prefer the Turkish voice-overs from the initial seasons however, they aren’t even in Turkey now, why would this voice-over feature be included present in the game? The dialogues are SpongeBob quality, but some of them are repetitive, and your brain could be burned if you play the game for too long. Perhaps it’s only me, but in all reality, I’ve not seen a cartoon for ten years.

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The music is created according to SpongeBob and the various worlds that he explores. The ukulele is the most important instrument, as are the other instruments that complement it. Simple and beautiful music. I’m not certain if you are able to listen to it in the absence of the game, but it’s entertaining and humorous pieces that fit the mood. It’s almost as if they’re shorter for the chapters by themselves We hear them ending and then beginning over again, and it’s already repeated the same thing, and it’s not long!

SpongeBob SquarePants the Cosmic Shake - Review

Good! - 7.7



I've seen SpongeBob cartoons in the past and played many third-person adventure games for the third person in the past. I've played several of them, even although I'm still not finished Battle for Bikini Bottom. I didn't get an opportunity to play the new version that was released in 2020. The most enjoyable experience I felt during this game was the feeling of nostalgia. In the days before it was possible to play games over the Internet we were awed by games that could be played with two players using Playstation or PC. In the early days there were a variety of 3D platform games, such as Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time, Bugs Bunny & Taz: Time Busters, Taz Wanted. The reality the fact that Time Busters can be played by two players (with only a single keyboard) brought me more into the genre, and prompted for me to take part in and play through every game similar to it. I didn't experience the same feeling when playing Battle for Bikini Bottom (not the remake) however, during Cosmic Shake, these games kept popping up in my head every day and I loved playing it.

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