Figure 2: Creed Valley – Review

Keep Your Courage in the Dust

It’s always been a source of irritation to know that First Figment is so little recognized. It is, however, an exceptional game due to its intricately drawn graphics as well as space-themed designs and puzzles. It’s a puzzle… In what games do we enter into a person’s mind that is portrayed with surrealist images and attempt to heal normal depressions using delicate strokes from a wooden sword? In addition to the nightmares which try to finish us off by playing metal music.

In the simplest terms, Figment is an independent which I adore very much. So when I found out that the second Figment was finished I was extremely happy about the outcome. It could be that it reached more people this timearound, you think? Of course, to achieve this, he’d have to push the bar a bit higher. What could he do? Let’s take a look.

Slashing in the Nightmare with a Wooden Sword

In the very first game the character we walked through his head became a man of size, got married, and even had kids. But there is also the burden of being struggling with issues such as earning money and creating an ideal lifestyle for the family. This has created new fears in his head. In reality one of the characters is determined to break what is known as the “Moral Compass”. The task of handling the situation falls like always to Dusty (Courage) along with Piper (Optimism).

This game plays from the viewpoint of an isometric camera exactly like last time. We progress occasionally by solving puzzles and other times by fighting opponents. The amount of puzzles and places is down a bit in comparison to the previous times. The number of fights have also up by a couple of clicks. I’m sure they made this move in order to reach a wider public. However, they made up the difference with the innovation they added to the gameplay. For instance In one part, we play as a detective, while in another, it’s like trying to escape from an old labyrinth.

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Open Close Open Close Theme, Main Theme

The developers compensated for the insufficient the amount of venues by using an “Open/Closed Mind” mechanic. When you blow up one of the totems of perspective you encounter during the course of playing, the attitude of the mind immediately changes. At one point, the person is large-hearted, and the next is when he has to say”goodbye” to all things. We’re trying to get over the obstacles in our path through these changes.

There are “Ideas” that reside within the mind. These also change personality depending on the open/closed-mindedness of the mind. Sometimes they can hinder us Sometimes they aid us. Sometimes they come up with funny jokes.

Mind’s surrealist space designs look fantastic. Birds’ ears flying in the background, eyes looking out of the edges, planters for instruments and piano bridges… Also, the music and songs of bosses. However, the boss fights were a bit straightforward for me to handle this time.

It is possible to play the entire game with co-op, if you want. Another advantage is that it comes with Turkish and Turkish-language support. However, the translation might have been better , but word games were boiled down some. In essence the Figment 2. While it sets the bar higher in certain places however, it is some steps back in other. But, I am certain that fans of the original game will love it too.

Figure 2: Creed Valley - Review

Good! - 7.6



Figment 2 is a step forward and backward at the same time. Although it improves itself in some areas, it lags behind the previous game in some areas. Still, it manages to give you an enjoyable 5 hours with its magnificent visuals, songs and a story that tells people what is important in this life.

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