New Trailer Released for Midnight Suns

One week later...

2K Games and Firaxis Games created the brand new Marvel’s Midnight Suns trailer. While the marketing of the title, expected to launch in the coming weeks, go on however, new information has been revealed in the trailer for the overview of conflict.

Three huge games will be on the market on December 2nd 2022. One of them is Marvel’s Midnight Suns. On this day, we’ll be able to play the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series versions of the game. If we want PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One, we will probably wait until 2023.

Midnight Suns Conflict Overview Trailer Released

In the latest trailer to promote the game that hasn’t yet been made available to pre-orders in our country yet, the underlying principles of conflict are revealed on our screens. As you can see in the trailer, once we’ve set up our team, the fights we’ll face with different adversaries will be waiting for us. There are cards for each hero and we can’t decide on the abilities we’ll be using. Based on the cards we have mentioned in the previous paragraph, we can build our team, take on specific area, attack enemies , and so on.

Each card is equipped with an Heroism cost that is generated over time. It is a important advantages. In addition, some heroes can cut down the production time.

In between combat It is possible to wander around The Abbey and interact with various teammates. This way we can increase our the passive skills and build these abilities even more.

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Marvel’s Midnight Suns Plot

Within the story, which is set to unfold in tandem with that of the comic books our main antagonist “Lilith” is resurrected by Hydra. To fulfill the prophecy Hydra will deploy his vile army and all his power in order get back to the King of the Dark Side.

To counter this formidable threat The Avengers have decided to play Lilith’s daughter and The Hunter The Hunter, the only legendary hero who has defeated Lilith previously and will fight alongside the teams they have formed against the villain Lilith.



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