One Piece Odyssey: Reunion Of Memories DLC Announced

We're returning to Memoria with this battle-focused expansion pack.

One Piece Odyssey was the game that anime and manga fans have been waiting for years. Combining deep and complex combat mechanics with modern JRPG mechanics to produce a compelling original story, the game was highly received. Bandai Namco will double the battles in the game with the Reunion of Memories DLC.

The new expansion pack will pick up where One Piece Odyssey left off. The Straw Hat pirates defeated all the island’s enemies, regained their powers, and befriended the island’s protector, Lim, who is interested in joining Luffy for more ocean voyage adventures, but then a mysterious hooded girl who looks a lot like Lim appears and brings the team back to Memoria.

What’s New in One Piece Odyssey: Reunion Of Memories

“The world of memories is no longer what it used to be, and Luffy and his friends will have to find a way back,” the trailer said. Meanwhile, they will have to solve one last mystery.” We see the expressions. In addition, we witness that Luffy must now struggle with an alternative history, where the enemies of the past are stronger than ever.

The difficulty level of the downloadable content will depend on the recommended level to clear the main story, and will offer many battles that require a more tactical approach as well as some special win conditions. Thus, many new challenges will be opened for those who do not find the difficulty level in the game satisfactory. Reunion of Memories will be released for all platforms where One Piece Odyssey is played, but the release date is not yet known.

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