Cliff Blezsinski Wants LawBreakers Back

Grasshopper plans to leap into the second

Cliff Bleszinski’s play LawBreakers, which first shines and then fades as it shines, merges into the dusty pages of history, once again, and the possibility of seeing the light of day arose.

Last week, Bleszinski said, “I got a message from my lawyer about LawBreakers… Stay tuned,” causing speculation to begin. Out of the blue, when I see the name of the game in the message of its creator, “LawBreakers is coming back?” you think.

In his new message, Bleszinski clarified the issue and it turned out that he really wanted to resurrect LawBreakers. “It looks like the LawBreakers are owned by Nexon. Owen Mahoney (Nexon CEO), how about sending me a private message to discuss a possible resurrection?” says Bleszinski, either wanting to take over LawBreakers’ rights, or revive the series with Nexon.

Whether or not Mahoney will respond to Bleszinski is not yet clear.

Before LawBreakers was shut down, it became free-to-play, and then its servers said goodbye to players.

P.S: All Bleszinski surnames in this article are handwritten, without copy-paste.

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