New The Inquisitor Story Trailer Released

A nostalgic and nostalgic video...

Kalypso Media and The Dust have teamed up to release the latest The Inquisitor story trailer. We advise you to not skip this trailer, where we get to see some new information concerning the story. The details are available right here.

It is, however, inspired by the best-selling Inquisitor book series by Jacek Piekara, according the narrative in The Inquisitor game, which brings us into the 1500s in an alternate timeline of religion, Jesus was crucified and became a victim of fury when he was at the brink of dying. Following his deportation, Jesus starts to seek revenge on people who are not believers.

Since this incident, and at the moment of the game an entire army of Inquisitors is sent to the church to try and bring back faith by employing brutal methods. As we travel to Konigstein, the town Konigstein to serve as the God-servant, Inquisitor Mordimer Madderdin, we will try to unravel the truth about the evils that originate from an alternate realm, we’ll investigate diverse cases and commit crimes by those who renounce the religion. We are going to track suspects and question them and utilize our own unique abilities.

New The Inquisitor Story Trailer

The trailer of the game that will be made available for PC (Steam), PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series in the last quarter of the year begins with the presentation of various drawings, before moving into the campus. The player is able to see the surrounding for a time and then, with the interactivity the story through a presentation that is similar to the screenplay. It was an enjoyable presentation. If you’re a more mature player, you might have considered the screen plays on Hacivat as well as Karagoz. In this regard it is true that it is a bit nostalgic.

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