AMD solves burning Ryzen issue with the 7000 processor The BIOS update is vital

An issue specific to specific issues with AMD Ryzen 7000 series was making the motherboard and processors to fail. AMD announced that they've resolved the issue and updated BIOS updates are now available.

AMD’s next generation Ryzen the 7000 as well as Ryzen 7000X3D processors weren’t in the news. There were reports that a particular issue in the Ryzen 7000 series made both the motherboard and processor inoperable, and the official announcements were issued by the manufacturers. Following the discovery of the issue, AMD and its manufacturers have swiftly made a statement and stated that they had solved the issue.

Problem solved

AMD has issued an announcement on the 26th of April and said that they were working to resolve the issue. In an announcement, the company clarified the cause of the issue. As we discussed in our previous article the issue is caused by voltage levels. AMD declares that they have solved the issue and have limited their SOC power to 1.3V at specific locations (probably VDDIO/MC) on motherboards with AM5.

AMD states that this change will not impact the capability of the Ryzen 7700 series of processors increase the speed of memory with EXPO as well as XMP kits, or to boost performance with PBO technology. AMD claims that motherboard manufacturers will announce the most current BIOS on all AM5 motherboards within the next few days. The majority of companies have already started working on these changes.

BIOS update required

The issue that resulted was affecting only a small percentage of users. The affected hardware was replaced, even though it was not covered by warranty. While memory overclocking using EXPO is provided to users as an “feature”, all modifications and overclocking is not covered by the warranty.

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If you don’t have overclocked the memory or CPU the Ryzen 7700 processor will be secure. If you’ve overclocked your system, we suggest that you reverse this process, and then upgrade the BIOS. Of course that every Ryzen 7000 systems that have overclocking don’t have burning problems, but high voltage could affect the life span that the processor. If you don’t know how to update your BIOS or update the BIOS, refer to the guide below.

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