Historic success of Starfield 6 million players were reached!

Bethesda revealed on Twitter within the last few hours that Starfield is now the biggest launch for the company ever, having registered the number of players to six million. users.

Starfield, the most recent RPG game by the well-known producer Bethesda Game Studios, was launched just a few days ago. It has already made its mark in the upper echelons of charts for the studio. It’s not a huge surprise, but it’s certainly a notable achievement given that the game consistently appears in the top bestseller lists of each Steam as well as the Xbox store. We’d like to point out that the game isn’t accessible on PlayStation.

Starfield exceeds 6 million

According to Bethesda’s announcement, Starfield is currently played by more than 6 million people. This is inclusive of Xbox Series X|S, PC, Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass and perhaps cloud gamers. However yesterday, Xbox President Phil Spencer declared that Starfield was at 1 million concurrent users.

This announcement was made in advance of that game’s debut on Wednesday which means that the next weekend’s excitement will likely surpass the previous number. We can predict that Starfield will likely to have 10 million players in the coming week.

Additionally, even though the game officially launched in September, the players gamers who have upgraded to Premium version or to the version that is available on Game Pass have been playing Starfield since the 1st of September. Although the official numbers for specific platforms aren’t yet available but during the period of early access alone, Starfield has seen more than 230,000 players concurrently login to the game through Steam. Even the premium upgrade available on Game Pass was the Xbox Store’s top-selling product at the time.

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According to data from third parties, Starfield may have sold more than 2 million premium versions or upgrades from players who wanted to play only five days before. Starfield is available now through Xbox Series X|S and PC through Steam as well as through the Microsoft Store. Xbox as well as PC Game Pass subscribers and Xbox Cloud Gaming users with Game Pass Ultimate can also enjoy the game without extra cost.

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