The bad news for explorers of planets: Starfield has invisible walls

Starfield Spacefield, the action-packed space role-playing game designed by Bethesda Game Studios, has been causing a stir among players. The game will feature invisible walls.

Bethesda Game Studios has repeatedly stated in its advertisements in its advertisements Starfield the game has thousands conceivable planets, and that the nature that the game covers is broad. It appears that the statements are designed to conceal the reality of Starfield. In a video that has been leaked it’s clear that there are no walls within the game. This is a major problem for those who wish to play with exploration.

Starfield as well as its invisibly wallsStar

Bethesda was rumored to be announcing that once you arrive on any of the procedurally created planets, you could begin to walk towards the horizon, and then walk for a long time. This was at least the scenario for Pete Hines, head of marketing at Bethesda.

But this isn’t 100% accurate. As we’ve learned from the videos leaked to the internet so far in the beginning, when you land on a brand new planet, you designate a landing area which is then created by the game huge areas of land around the landing area. The images and videos that have been leaked on the internet reveal that players could make it to the limit of these zones when they hit an invisible wall, and were given an order to not continue. It appears that the players tend to run for around 10 minutes in one direction prior to hitting the limit of an area.

In reality this was confirmed a few some time ago by Bethesda’s artistic director Todd Howard, but at the time, Howard’s remarks were not taken into consideration. Howard claimed that the planets are comprised by “kilometer-sized regions.”

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The walls are also distinct from each other?

It is true that our globe is made up of thousands of tiny regions is quite logical from a technical point of view. But, it appears that the fields aren’t connected to one another at all. One leaker confirmed this by constructing an landing pad on Jemison which is home to one of the biggest settlements of the game New Atlantis. The player creates the landing area close to New Atlantis, so if the two areas are separated only by invisibly dividing walls were connected, then the leaker could be able to see New Atlantis. But this isn’t the scenario. It appears that each landing page will provide a separate field.

Of course, the main issue is: what does it mean? On one hand being able to step onto the planet and be immersed in the world is an intriguing imagination, and something achieved in other games such as No Man’s Sky. But, Starfield is also a solely a narrative-driven Bethesda RPG. That is to say there are plenty of other activities to take part in. The fields you create upon landing on a planet remain vast. It is also crucial to know to know how big these fields contain in regards to contents.

Starfield will be available for Xbox Series S / X and PC platforms on September 6 2023. The review embargo for Starfield will be lifted on August 31st.

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