Surprise: A New Trine Game Is On Its Way!

The heroes of the past are returning!

Trine, the original Trine is among the games that have stayed in my mind when I was within the genre of platforms. As I was doing a bit of Google research to write the article, I was like I was a year older for the first. While those memories from the game’s debut in 2009 remain as the past, the reality that we don’t have control over time struck me like a blow on the face.

Today however, we’re not going to talk about my age instead, we will talk about Trine which is one of the greatest examples of the genre of platforms. The Frozenbyte team officially launched the game called “Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy”. The team also announced that the game will be released at the end of the entire year. While we look forward to the game it will never get old!

Each game in the series have come out with various modifications over the years. The exception is Trine 3, we are not discussing Trine 3 here …-. Trine 5 is, in contrast will go back to its origins and will adopt 2.5D visuals. We will again be attempting to solve many challenges by combining the different skills by controlling a mage knight, and the thief.

The game, which is set to offer 20 levels, will offer online and singleplayer options. Frozenbyte will also have plenty of bosses into the game.

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