There is no slowdown! The human-level ChatGPT with GPT-5 might be released this year.

As ChatGPT continues to revolutionize everything, new data suggests that the next version will be released later this year. In the version GPT-5, ChatGPT is able to be humanized.

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT has announced GPT-4 as a language model couple of weeks ago. The current model utilized by ChatGPT Plus users has an advanced structure that the free version GPT-3.5. It is worth noting that OpenAI are already prepping the next big software update for ChatGPT as well as GPT-5 is expected to roll coming out in the winter of this year.

OpenAI is able to achieve AGI

If the report about GPT-5 capabilities is accurate, OpenAI is about to hit a major achievement for ChatGPT. According to the report of GPT-5, ChatGPT will reach the stage of artificial general intelligence (AGI) and will be unrecognizable from humans. According to the developer Siqi Chen, OpenAI aims to complete the learning process of GPT-5, and then reach AGI in December. In addition, GPT-4.5 is said to be released in the month of September or October as an interim version.

This is both exciting and terrifying in the same way, as we aren’t sure the extent of what AGI can do. However, the GPT-5 can significantly accelerate processes, reduce work and reduce time thanks to its efficiency and sophisticated structure. Since this is a technological advancement that can cause serious harm, it is possible to see the effects during the abuse phase. Disinformation is just one and every social media site is not ready for this.

Although there isn’t a definitive definition of AGI currently, the general belief is that once artificial intelligence attains AGI It will have human-level understanding and task comprehension. We can also speak of reasoning. Also artificial intelligence will automate the process of doing something else to complete the task at hand and then give you the outcome. We humans do this everyday without even realizing that it is happening. Thus, conversing with ChatGPT following an upgrade to GPT-5 may feel like talking with an actual human.

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This is just speculation, at the moment, because we do not possess any AGI model to evaluate ChatGPT with. The GPT-5 is highly accurate. expected from the GPT-5 regardless of whether it can achieve AGI and/or not. However there appears to be the necessity to have the creation of an AGI definition. Human-level or not however, the GPT-4 already has the capability of doing amazing things. We can be sure it is likely that GPT-5 will be superior than the GPT-4 however, it is evident that there’s a ways to achieve the AGI we see in films. In the meantime, regulators must to establish artificial intelligence in a good place.

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