Succubus is Also Available for PlayStation 4 – 5

Let us embark on a journey along with the queen Vydija start with PlayStation also...

Succubus is a game that came out for PC in the month of October in 2021. was also made available for PlayStation 4. Information about the game, which is also playable using PS5 consoles, including PlayStation 5 console with backward compatibility, can be found in our latest news.

Succubus which was both created as well as published by Madmind Studio, is a side-scenario as well as a sequel set in the moment after the queen’s final of Agony Unrated. The story tells us that we play the role of Vydija, a Succubus demon, a name that is Vydija After the rulers of hell vanished and the remaining demons select Nimrod as their next ruler.

In the process of reviving his empire from its ruin, Nimrod finally manages to manage to contain the chaos with his new queen Vydija. In the course of the story as Vydija is the queen, we take revenge on those who have hurt you, and we will also get the chance to discover the history of the character in the Agony and Agony Unrated games.

Succubus Connects With PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Users

The announcement was made towards the close of the month that the game would soon be accessible for consoles, as well as that it would be released through GOG as well as Steam. The announcement was that was made this week it is clear that it appears that the PlayStation 4 version also met with players.

According to the developer Madmind Studio, due to content and control the console version of Madmind Studio is equivalent to the base PC version with the Unrated add-on.

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