Battlefield 2042, the game mode for 2042 shut-down info

He gave details about his Leviathan Rising event on his DICE podcast. He gave an overview of the Battlefield 2042 Shutdown game mode.

DICE has announced the latest Inside Battlefield podcast. The episode discusses what’s coming to the Battlefield 2042 Shutdown game mode and will be released together with an event called Leviathan Rising event this week.

What exactly will you get from the Battlefield 2042 Shutdown game mode provide?

Its Shutdown game mode features mechanics that give different ways to experience Battlefield. According to the information released by EA the game will function according to the following:

Protect, Locate, and Disable: We have to identify and remove Spear Carriers. In the same way you should ensure the safety of your carrier. And in the event that he falls and you are unable to take him back, you have to do it immediately. It’s akin to an ‘capture the flag’ game however, in the way we think of it, we must not leave anyone out to make the winner.

Play the Goal: You’ll make money for as long as your spear bearer is around. It is a given that the job of the flag bearer is going to be extremely difficult.

Shut It Down A deployed Spear stops awarding points when a set amount that has attained enough points on the target. This is about 70 minutes. Because of this, you’ll need to shift the target to another location. But, this also means you will be closer to the enemy.

Secure Victory: You’ll take part in one round as the attacker and the defender. When the first round has ended then you switch sides and then redeploy. While you fight in these intense games you, as the player must score the highest number of points to win.

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