Alice: Asylum Officially Canceled

Goodbye Rutledge Asylum...

Alice: Asylum has been re-released several times in time, is unlikely to have a happy conclusion. Electronic Arts has made its final decision. The company has made its final decision. to Rutledge Asylum in the future. More details are available here.

American McGee’s Alice Dark, a dark version of the story Alice in Wonderland was put for sale in the year 2000. Our protagonist who lost his house and his entire family in the aftermath of an incident in his home and was admitted to an psychiatric hospital and was living in Wonderland spiritually.

Its sequel Alice: Madness Returns was released in the year 2011. In the role of the character in the role of Alice Liddell, our character was back in Wonderland to recover from the trauma of our past and uncover more about the details of her life.

In the time since there have been advancements for a possible third game. In actuality following the time that American McGee expressed his wish to see a new Alice to be released in 2021 a 151-page scenarios sharing of the game’s third edition was posted available on the American McGee Patreon page in August of that year.

Alice: Asylum Will Remain A Dream

But, getting to the happy end in the end was an unreal wish. It’s because Electronic Arts canceled the last game in the trilogy following several weeks of reviewing. The announcement was posted on Twitter on the American McGee Instagram account.

The team of developers was actually in constant communication with fans. In fact, it was stated it was necessary to collaborate with different studios. essential to ensure that the original plan was to be followed with an estimated fifty million dollars of budget and the approval of Electronic Arts was needed. But, as per the Patreon page the US publisher was not willing to pay for licensing or offer the game for sale to developers.

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The decision to fund the brand was determined by an internal analysis of the brand’s image market, conditions in the market and development plans. The license decision was made based on reality that Alice is an integral element in the Electronic Arts game catalog and they’re currently not ready to license or sell the game.

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