Candy Crush is a huge game for Microsoft

King's game for mobile, Candy Crush, which is part of Activision Blizzard, continues to be a huge market for Microsoft. The amount of active monthly gamers in the game are regarded as a significant factor for Xbox.

There are a variety of reasons behind Microsoft’s purchase of Activision Blizzard. Although Microsoft intends to grow its presence in the gaming sector however, it is also looking to expand into every sector. This is why the range of brands that are owned by Activision Blizzard is very attractive. King’s record-breaking mobile game Candy Crush, owned by Activision Blizzard, is seen as a target to be achieved by Microsoft.

Candy Crush whets Microsoft’s desire

Candy Crush general manager Todd Green made it clear in a statement the fact that Candy Crush, which is free to play and is downloaded over three billion times. King’s 233million monthly active players during The 4th Quarter of 2022 as well as King’s $5.5 billion in revenue over the last seven months (2016 until 2022) suffice to sate Microsoft’s desire to play.

This is why these criteria must be considered when looking at Microsoft’s proposal to purchase Activision Blizzard King at $68.7 billion. The number of active gamers who Microsoft will incorporate into the Xbox brand after buying King is nearly double that of the number of active users currently on the monthly calendar of Xbox. With the addition of King Xbox’s monthly active users on all platforms including computers, consoles as well as mobile phones, may increase up to 353 million.

Todd Green says he’s excited about the prospect for King becoming a part of Microsoft. We’re very excited.” However Microsoft’s offer to purchase Activision Blizzard has not been accepted by the regulatory authorities. The legal discussions are in progress in conjunction with EU, UK and US institutions, and a final decision is expected within the coming weeks.

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