Huawei also offers a competitor for ChatGPT: NetGPT

Huawei has filed a trademark request with the Chinese Patent Office for its artificial intelligent chatbot. Through NetGPT, the NetGPT system, Huawei is attempting to take on ChatGPT which has become a phenomenon in the past few years.

The OpenAI’s ChatGPT can currently be described as being the most popular AI. This is why other technology giants have decided to make use of the success of ChatGPT. In the end the Huawei brand joined the conversation.

The Chinese firm is planning to compete with OpenAI’s world-changing artificial intelligence by creating NetGPT, its own chatbot. The company has submitted an application for approval of “Huawei NetGPT” trademark with the Chinese Patent Office.

Competition is heating on the artificial intelligence front

It is reported that the trademark, which falls within the class 9 which covers instruments for science, is being approved. There aren’t any details regarding NetGPT as of yet. It is however believed to be an automated chatbot, similar to ChatGPT.

The company has already stated that it will not be integrating ChatGPT in its offerings, and will instead concentrate on creating the most advanced artificial intelligence technologies. Huawei’s entry into this field will help create better artificial intelligence chatbots to be available for users.

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