Sony breaks records by launching PS5 sales

Sony revealed important figures regarding PS5 sales in the fourth quarter of fiscal year. The issue of supply for PlayStation 5 consoles seems to be over.

Sony recently revealed figures for the fourth quarter of fiscal 2022. According to the data shared, Sony seems to have overcome the shortage of supply for PlayStation 5 consoles, because there’s an increase of demand. The Japanese electronics company continues to record impressive sales for its second quarter in two years.

All is well at Sony

Sony announced it had sold 6.3 millions PlayStation 5s during the last three months. This is more than three times the amount that the company sold in the same time period in the year prior (2 millions). So, the total sales for the PS5 console surpassed 38.4 million copies. However, on the software side however, the news isn’t as good. Gaming software revenue increased in general, however the number of units sold decreased by 70.5 millions in 2021’s fourth quarter and 68 million in the second quarter in 2022. PlayStation Network monthly active users were up slightly, from the 106 million mark in 2021 to 108 millions. PlayStation Plus subscribers remained stable at 47.4 million.

Sony announced $22.7 billion of revenue an increase of 35 percent, and a net earnings of $945.4 million in the quarter, a decrease of 7% in the quarter that ended March 2023. For the entire financial year 2022, it produced $84.8 billion revenue. Although the company grew its revenue to 16 percent, they also increased its net income by a small amount by a small amount to $8.9 billion. The Japanese company’s gaming division was able to earn $1.8 billion of net profits even though it saw an increase of 27 percent from year to year. In terms of revenue, the gaming segment produced $26.8 billion in revenue increasing by 33 percent. Apart from the previous console and game-related side the company also makes cameras. The net profit of this segment of the company increased by 37 percent, up to $1.56 billion.

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