Grounded receives its most crucial update

In the 1.2 update in Grounded, the Grounded game, you will be able to duplicate equipment is enhanced, as well as the level of comfort in the buildings, a new hornet colonies and missions are added.

It is the Grounded survival game is finally released following a lengthy testing process, is now releasing the most significant update. In the 1.2 update players will be able to enjoy two major enhancement features.

Grounded, updated

The first new feature to be introduced in the update was Base Coziness. The players will earn comfort points while decorating their properties. There will be various rewards for players across 5 different comfort levels. A new recipe for decorating and a change are just a few of the benefits. Additionally the time spent in these places can have benefits like decreasing thirst or hunger.

Additionally, the latest toolset known as Super Duper lets you replicate your equipment with Raw Science. The copy equipment has all of the features found in the originals. To play Super Duper you need to visit the Oak Lab and take quests from BURG.L and then collect Duper discs. In addition new animal species like hornets, for instance, can be found in the game.

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