StarteBallistic and new features are included in Season 17 of Apex Legends.

The 17th Apex Legends season has begun with the announcement by Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment. New features, including the playable Ballistic character, are in store for us. Here are the details.

Apex Legends is EA’s ambitious FPS that brings players together by introducing brand-new features each season. It also has many features which will bring its fans back to the start of the game during its new season.

What is Apex Legends Season 17?

Apex Legends Arsenal also comes with a Battle Pass. The Battle Pass trailer is below. It includes cosmetics such as Wattson’s System Shock Skin, the Pulse Eater Pattern coming to the Devotion LMG Weapon, and new emotes.

Apex Legends: Arsenal’s leading actor, Ballistic, is the new Legend. August Montgomery Brinkman is the real name of the 63-year old gunsmith who plays the 24th role in the game.

Ballistic has a passive feature called Sling that allows you to carry up to three weapons, instead of just two. Sling allows you to have more firepower with matches, and access your third weapon from the Character Utility Action or Inventory sections. Ballistic has Whistler, a tactic ability. This ability will make your opponent think twice, as it causes their weapons to heat quickly and cause them to be damaged when they fire. The most powerful ability in Ballistic is Tempest. It gives you and your friends faster reloading times, faster movement, and unlimited bullets.

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