Hogwarts Legacy Sells More Than Triple Estimates

an error of 256 percent

We are now able to say the fact that Hogwarts Legacy is written as a positive thing in the eyes of Warner Bros. If we take out the debates about the game’s author, JK Rowling, it’s possible to claim that it has produced the Harry Potter experience that most players love. The success of the game is evident in the popularity of the game.

Warner Bros.’s Global Brand Manager’s Linkedin post says the following “256% above sales expectations, selling more than 12 million in the first two weeks, generating $850 million in revenue, breaking a Twitch record with 1.3 million simultaneous viewers for a single-player game.” Hogwarts for Legacy.

It’s been quite a while from when Warner Bros announced the sales number of 12 million, in actual fact, the company is expected to release the latest sales figures during the next meeting by shareholders on May 8th.

The game will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on May 5, which is sure to be a positive influence on the game’s sales.

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