Overwatch 2 New Character Could Turn Friends Against Each Other

It all depends on how "playful" player you are...

Yesterday morning we discussed the new character in Overwatch 2 support, Lifeweaver. The Thai character who’s technical information are available are now available with footage of the game’s official playthrough. Lifeweaver is the final member of the team of support will join this game in April in the start of the new season.

Lifeweaver is able to harm allies using his standard attack, and in his second attack, he can shoot thorns, which can be damaged with a blast of. We mentioned that earlier the kit of Lifeweaver includes the ability “Petal Platform” that acts as an elevator. In the video, you can look at how to make use of this feature.

A Rejuvenating Dash ability causes Lifeweaver to move quickly to a location and then heal itself. The ability known as Life Grip allows you to bring a friend to your. However, the subreddit of the game has already been filled with clips of players putting their teammates in exciting situations using this feature…

The passive of Lifeweaver is equally intriguing just like its character. If the Lifeweaver dies the character drops a small gift to the ground. This gift gives its life back to the very first who picks it up. Your enemies may also be able to receive this reward.

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